Cheers for March

Februaryitis is the new term for what we used to call, the February Blues or SAD issues. This Sunshine Absent Disease needs a more potent cure than Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras.

As wild as Mardi Gras may be, the message is: Party Hardy before the new cycle of oppression returns. Take 40 days and 40 nights to clear the crap from your life so the resurrection and rebirth with spring is pure.

During February I did lots of maintenance work on my home, websites, and projects. I began a new exercise class for my body and a new routine for my writing work. I’ve got supplies to grow flowers from seed and be ready in two months for planting. I’ve never done this before but it’s like I want to make changes to every process of my day, month, season.

March always comes in like a lion in my life, even if the weather is dull, and I’m ready. March 1st and the 24th are birthday celebrations for two of our girls, and St. Patty’s day carries more of a celebration flavor than any of the February holidays.

Does turning the calendar to March, and seeing the first day of spring is in three weeks, make you feel like cheering?

6 thoughts on “Cheers for March

  1. Rose L

    I am ready for March and the promise of days for walks and photo ops! I was happy to see your smiling face at Chrysalis again! I hope the trend continues and we soon hear excerpts from your writing! I could use some romance.


  2. I like all the seasons with their contrasts. Yesterday we went for a long walk along the cliff tops in ‘Daphne Du Maurier country’ where Manderley, the house in her book Rebecca, resides – though under a different name. (Blog post on this tomorrow). It was warm with a blue sky. Unusual for this time of year but today it’s back to a more typical dull, overcast look. I’m ready for whatever March may deliver – so far, so good!


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