Cat Scratch but no Fever

Saturday morning began with the news of massive blood spurting from my grandson’s face and head. The 9-month-old kitten was spooked at a 12-year-old-dog walking through her home to be put into the garage. And my 9-year-old grandson wanted to calm the cat. He now has a four inch scar across his cheek, another on his left eyelid, one on his forehead and puncture wounds around his scalp. Fortunately, this in not the type of issue where the Urgent Care staff requests you take a number, or take a seat in the waiting room. Blood spurting from multiple points on a child’s head is considered an emergency and requires immediate attention from the medical staff.

Animals will always be true to their nature, it’s adding the human expectation, and a child’s intent, that is a potential for disaster. I wonder about the emotional experience of a young boy who savored the feeling of a cat snuggled in his lap and against his cheek becoming, in a moment, a feral and destructive force that can leave scars for a lifetime.

The follow-up doctor visit was today and all wounds are healing, no infections. Yeah! My grandson will have a scar or two and a story to tell about it. But the cat will be in a new home. It’s a good cat but needs a home where mothers aren’t concerned  about the potential of their sons blood splurting from facial and head wounds all over the kitchen. This is a one time experience.

I believe once the cat has a new home the next pet of choice is a turtle.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to Cat Scratch but no Fever

  1. Rose L. says:

    Oh, glad the child is healing well. Poor kitty, he was just frightened. I think he deserves another chance. Just teach the children about animals and that you should always have respect for them. They do get frightened.
    As for a turtle, my niece lost a finger tip to a turtle! It did a slow mo attack on her.


  2. Trish says:

    Glad your grandson is healing. Traumatic, definitely. We’ve had episodes like this over the years. I like Rose’s advice.


  3. terripatrick says:

    Yes. Thank you both. I am aware the choices are not mine to make. When advice for a pet was sought, I recommended a turtle but the cat was an option that came out of – nowhere. It’s a story with many layers.

    I would love to to put my grandsons into protective bubbles, and advise my daughters against trauma’s I’ve known. But that’s not my call, as it’s not my life. Their journey will be full of choices, as it should be.


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