Down with Love – the movie

File:Down with Love.jpg This could be one of my favorite movies. It’s delightfully madcap, exceptionally over-acted, and loaded with tongue twisting dialogue. The sets scream 1962 New York City fantasy success and the split screen sections need at least two or three viewings.

I really wish there was such a book and I could read it.

I adore dark chocolate but will never say it is better than sex, or a good replacement for sex. Um, no. It’s a joke.

However, I personally have issues with Catcher Block’s (he’s the romantic hero in this movie) objective in his exposé when he becomes a “new man” because of his love for the author, Barbara Novak. Catcher states he could win the Nobel Peace Prize for finally bringing an end to the battle of the sexes. He deserved the punch in the nose he got following that statement.

The battle of the sexes is the only battle I want to observe.

Chocolate could be the key to world peace but it should never be used to dilute or replace the battle of the sexes. I think (no facts were researched) that chocolate was created by Spanish monks who were not renown for their focus on fun and frivolity.

Disclaimer: the “love” referred to in this movie in no way represents “love” as I perceive it either personally or in my previous post.

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