The American President-the movie

The American President PosterTonight I’m going to watch one of my favorite movies.

The American President is what’s called an “Old Skool Contemporary” romance. According to a few agents and editors, this style of romance novel is in high demand. The characters are not loaded with issues, they don’t sparkle in the moonlight, (or is it sunlight that makes vampires sparkle?) and none of the characters are “packing heat” or “kicking butt.”

The conflict to the romance is primary to the character traits and career choices, not their species or their contact with sinister villains. The external events surrounding their romance are big enough to keep them apart, instead of some misunderstanding or secret. Their past (back story) defines who they are and what they bring to the potential of the partnership. The ending comes full circle to the initial cute-meet and first challenge faced.

The setting (the political arena)  is integral to the story and the glamour factor ups the world building.

I’m watching this personal favorite of mine tonight because this weekend I’ll be attending a local conference and Larry Brooks – creator of StoryFix is the primary presenter. He’s awesome and I recommend his Story Engineering for all aspiring writers as the how-to-write-book to read first.

After this conference it will only be a few more weeks and Mercury and Mars will move direct and that will feel great. I’ve been very productive under this restrictive energy. I finished one novel and sent it off to a beta reader. My current WIP is about half drafted, and both of these novels are “Old Skool Contemporaries.”  Our Author Marketing 101 workbook is almost “fabulous” and needs to be available for a conference in May as Morgan and I are doing a 90 minute workshop.

If you’re looking for entertainment to take advantage of the required pause from the two retrograde “M” planets, click the above Books & Movies tab and see all the ones I recommend. Have a great weekend!

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to The American President-the movie

  1. Rose L says:

    I remember the movie and did enjoy it. Do not think it knocked my socks off though. Looking forward to hearing how you liked it.


    • terripatrick says:

      Rose, this movie is one of my favorites. I can quote it at random moments. It was a present from one of my girls for a birthday. it’s an always available movie to watch. And, I do.


  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    I need to watch that movie again, too — congratulations on your high productivity!!!


  3. Trish says:

    Am going to try to leave a comment again! One of the bet movies for story/structure/character is Winter Bones, starring the same young woman who appeared in the Hunger Games. It’s tightly written. Hadn’t heard of this book, so it’s now on my list of must have.


  4. You have been busy – and I did have a great weekend, thanks.


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