Cats and Dogs

 This 1996 movie was more interesting than many of the cheezy romantic comedies I’ve watched in recent weeks. Be warned, this movie takes “phone sex” to a different level of cheezy. 

The relationship between the short veterinarian and the tall willowy blond model is more fascinating than the romance. The romance is really more a love at first sight story for the dog.

It’s a Cyrano de Bergerac story where the love interest, Brian, is duped that the veterinarian he adores is the tall blond, instead of the short brunette.

However, there was one good, though badly worded, quote:

It’s mentally exhausting feeling really bad about something you can’t do anything about.

This quote is about regret. The vet, Abby, regrets that she didn’t stand up to be noticed at the first opportunity. The actions and events to follow were the journey she had to take to come to this level of regret, and were needed for her transformation. Regret is a powerful motivator because the only solution requires the courage to be totally vulnerable.

I have noticed that lessons of regret and being vulnerable are common themes in romantic comedies produced during the mid to late 1990’s and disappeared after 2003. Helpless victims and narcissistic characters have became the new flavor of fluff entertainment.

Regret is rooted within that which cannot be changed. Regret grows from fact, history, heredity, actions, events, cultures, beliefs, locations on this planet, etc. etc. Regret can also grow from actions not taken, missed opportunities, and overlooked possibilities.

It is mentally exhausting to be on a circular track of “if only” this – whatever it is-  didn’t happen. The more we focus on regret, the more it remains present.

In fiction, it is recommended that the author never save the hero from the journey of regret and transformation. In fiction, the characters need to be aware and in charge of their moment in time and space within the story.

We can learn a lot from fiction.

Thanks for your comments.

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