Easter weekend was quiet for us, there were no egg hunts, parades, chocolate bunnies, or family gatherings. The weather was glorious and I was drinking my coffee on the deck wondering how my life had become so boring. But then the phone rang and it was our youngest daughter, did we want to go out for breakfast? Sure. She and her fiance are following a strict nutrition program and are amazed at how good they feel and they expect to look great in the wedding photos this December.

A few of my friends are at the RT Booklovers Convention, RT stands for Romantic Times which is a monthly romance reviews magazine for fans of the genre. Attendees are a rowdy bunch and photos are already being posted online. I’m sure I’ll go someday, though I am not a crowd person. This convention has exploded from small reader appreciation parties and authors love attending because they are also fans of the genre. Direct contact with readers will fill authors with enthusiasm to get back to writing more books. Next week, I’ll be hearing stories about rabid fans and authors behaving badly.

The MacGregors posted a link to a fascinating Thrive Movement. The movie explains the global financial crisis and how leadership based on conformity is not for the good of all. There has been interstellar communication with humans through history but this is the first time I’ve come across a comparison of Tesla’s free energy generator to the Arc of the Covenant. I have mixed feelings about the conspiracy theories but that’s because I’ve known many who have operated under that, “It’s for your own good,” sense of benevolent dictatorship.

Tonight’s library movie selection for me was “Monster-in-Law.” It’s amusing that I chose  a story of sinister matriarch energy that required compliance and perfection for her child’s happiness. Last night, the Thrive movie I watched exposed a sinister patriarch energy of global influence in government and finance. Who really has more influence on the life of a child?

Fortunately, both movies end with the same message. It is the creative spirit of the individual, who has the courage and determination to fight for happiness, that thrives in the end. Suppression and control are recognized and exposed so they can be relegated to the past and a new happily ever after can begin.

Obviously, I’m not intimidated either by an Illuminati or alien agenda any more than the mother-in-law from hell could impact my life. My maternal grandmother was one! I’d also be interested in a comparative analysis of the number of people devastated by the economic crisis against the number of thematic convention attendees. How do the numbers really stack up?

I don’t want charts and graphs. I’m content in my personal awareness that those individuals that were raised to conform are attending sci-fi, Lego, new age, romance, and TED conventions. Let’s meet for breakfast.

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