The World Rocks

The world of publishing has been rocked by the DOJ lawsuit against five publishers and Apple.  To find out more, check out Nathan Bransford’s post. I have lost count on how many times “the world of publishing as we know it has ended” in recent years. From the upswing of Amazon to the downswing of Borders, and all versions of electronic entertainment, my recommendation is all writers should go play word games.

Then notice that the globe in my home rests upside down. It has been that way for years, no matter how many times I position the north pole to the top and it stays there, the next time I look at the globe it has flipped. This could be credited to a crack on the surface, the size of the Indian Ocean, from an incident years ago involving a child and a dog.

My interests extend into the esoteric world and I was fascinated to read a Kryon channel that explains the Kundalini of our planet has shifted from North to South during these past 18 years. I can’t help but wonder if this movement of energy relating to the Divine Feminine also explains the romance explosion. Mysteries and westerns also began as pulp fiction but didn’t grow into a massive revenue stream these last two decades.

A shift is also taking place in blogger world, another world I inhabit. Many bloggers I have followed for years are ending their daily regime to sporadic posts when inspired with something special to share. When I first entered blogsphere the frenzy insisted to post daily and be the first to comment on other’s blogs. I never caught that fever but watched many try and burn out.

With all these world rocking events in process, other posts I read today relate to little boy pee, school recess,  business cards, numbers, prayer, and the annual requirements of irrigation and fencing on eastern Oregon farms.

My windows also need to be washed.

7 thoughts on “The World Rocks

  1. I think someone is tilting the globe when you are not looking! Who is the jokester in the house?!
    That globe looks familiar…is it made of various semiprecious rocks and such? I have one that looks like it.
    We all have our world tilted in our lives. Mine has been tilted so much that I cannot tell up from down or north from south.


    1. Upright or not is all about point of view.
      Mike, Your blog has personal themes, and why I read every post. Many blogs have career agendas and become more like task lists that I easily scan past in my reader feed.


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