Upgrade and Maintain

A young woman gave me some advice  that was sort of profound for me. It was practical advice that I often give others but in my current burst of enthusiasm I forgot to apply to myself. Hey, it happens to all of us.

I’m prone to jump into an upgrade and I am blessed to have close personal friends and family who will advise me that it’s time to maintain. Sometimes they have to sit on me. It can take a lot to slow me down. So I took the advice and decided it was time to do some maintenance.

This is a dirty word in a consumeristic society where the message is; upgrade, buy new, here’s the secret to happiness, your well-being depends on having this, doing this, whatever. I’ve never bought into that must-have-frenzy but I can be caught up in it. Upgrading is important. Especially upgrading to a new meditation technique to slow down and maintain.

Our youngest daughter has just purchased a new bed with a twenty year warranty. She’s 23 and is amused to consider what it would have been like to have slept on the same bed her whole life. My advice was upgrades to your furnishings and lifestyle is good in your early 40’s.

A few of my friends are enduring upgrades to their bodies that includes surgical procedures. All of them realize the importance of combining medicine and meditation for optimal health. One of them checked with an astrologer prior to scheduling so I feel the news will be positive for all going under the knife. This is an uncomfortable upgrade but often stuff needs to be cut away when it interferes with our well being.

Now the advice I got wasn’t as drastic as surgery, or new sleep patterns, but it was to pause and reconsider the ultimate objective for my enthusiasm. If I upgrade in a big way now, what would I have to maintain? If I maintain now with a small upgrade, maybe the big upgrade will be better at a different time. Both objectives will require investing my time and I’ll be seeking more advice.

While contemplating these choices I decided to do maintenance on previous upgrades, and I realized they were long overdue. I also need to renew my meditation schedule before I’m in need of medication.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to Upgrade and Maintain

  1. Trish says:

    This post is profoundly insightful. Regardless of whether you’re speaking of a n upgrade of equipment – electronics, for instance – or of the self, the same stuff applies. Love it. And thnks for making adjustments so I could comment! Enjoy your blog a lot.


  2. The problem with maintenance is that it usually takes up valuable time. Depends what’s important to the individual.


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