A Day at the Beach

In honor of a 30th birthday, our girls were all at the beach last weekend. The weather was unseasonably awesome and inspired a handstand competition while they were waiting to savor the sunset on the Pacific.

Since life has a way of tossing us on our heads, I’m thrilled they are so balanced. But what I am most proud of, as a mom, is that they all appreciate each other and are always poised to have fun.

The son-in-laws are glad they have each other to share the blame for whatever these sisters decide to do…

They built sand castles then stomped on them. They flew kites, danced in the waves, buried my grandsons in the sand, rammed each other in bumper cars, and lots of other activities. I wasn’t there but through the magic of the web, I was able to see the pictures as soon as they were posted.

When these girls were young, I was always snapping pictures of them having fun. They were immune to the camera, and camcorder. My intent from1983 and through the 1990’s was to be able to mail photos, and share videos, with their grandparents who didn’t travel. The intent of the moment, decades ago, has become a wonderful treasure now. Those videos are now DVD’s and those pictures filled albums so each has a visual record of their lives.

Earlier today, a friend and I were lamenting how we really didn’t want to be sucked into another online network. Yet, neither of us want to spend a whole week unplugged. I’ve had numerous invitations to join a variety of different networks this week. So I’m aware of this dichotomy of – don’t want to spend more time online – savor the opportunity of being connected to those moments.

I’ve been following the blog of a woman with agoraphobia who  forced herself to tour the country and meet her FaceBook friends, who also suffer from agoraphobia. My mom was a polio quadriplegic and she took every chance to connect with people on the phone or when the opportunity arose, out of the house. I know there is a lesson for me in my current fascination with emotional restrictions in comparison to what I know of physical limitations.

I’ve no idea where this journey will lead me… How cool is that?

5 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

  1. Rose L

    I hear the pride in your voice when you talk of your daughters. I find it difficult to get involved with Facebook, but that’s just me. I rarely go in.
    I am glad it helped the woman with agoraphobia. I was able to overcome mine and it started with counseling and Chrysalis!


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