A 717 day

717 is our youngest daughter’s favorite number. She was born on 7-1-1989 and that’s her dirt bike in the picture. Her fiance is also “into” numbers though we’ve never really chatted about it, yet. They are getting married on 12.1.12.

For my in-process contemporary romance the hero and heroine characters are based on the astrological aspects of these two, and motorcycles play in the story.

Today I drove to the library and noticed the license plate on the car before me was 717DUB. So I immediately thought of this daughter and wondered about the d-u-b and if it meant “W” or something. It was just a game in my mind that I forgot about while at the library.

Then I decided to go to the local produce shop and pulled up behind a car at the light waiting to turn. License plate – 717EVC. Okay, that’s fun! So I pulled into the parking lot and immediately texted my daughter with a “What’s UP?” and shared these two 717 sightings.

Her response was, “Funny! I’ve just been looking at new cars. :-)” They like Suburu’s and even attend annual rally’s.

So I had to ask, “Were you looking at V W’s?”

“Actually I am!”

Now this story will be really fun if she buys one, and loves it.

For me, I returned home and got to work on my story as I’ve been distracted with other interests this week.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

7 Responses to A 717 day

  1. Jamie Brazil says:

    No more distractions, Terri! Look forward to reading your work soon.


  2. Love these sort of numbers and how they crop up in our lives. Sometimes they have meanings but other times their purpose seems to be to lighten our mood or give us a smile.


  3. Trish says:

    You have to love these synchronicities involving license plate numbers and numbers! So, for you, the writer, what do those numbers tell you??


  4. Rose L says:

    My birthday is 7/24 and I was so surprised when we got the van I presently have and the license was 724!!!!


  5. Trish says:

    Hey – may we repost on our blog? It’s one of those cool license plate and numbers synchros that always speak of something truly mysterious!


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