Taking our own advice

Our Author Marketing 101 site is now  interactive and many are spreading the news. This project, now a business that includes workshops and a future workbook, has been a distraction from my romance writing but is also tons of fun. A lot of thought preceded this venture and it’s a different and easier format than was originally planned. Now its engine is humming along and Morgan and I can take our own advice that marketing should be 10% of your writing time.

There were many times we got caught up in our passion and the activities of being “marketing guru’s” and had to remind ourselves, we’re authors – first.

The fun part of this partnership is that the stories we’re passionate about writing are extremely different. She’s very high concept and loves world building with all kinds of technical details and historical elements. I’m into cozy stories where it’s all about relationships with touches of adventure. The here and now world fascinates me. Morgan likes the grab-you-by-the-throat stories filled with hot and steamy sex. I’m a curl up by the fire reader who likes the “aww” factor and a closed door once the clothes come off.

On the surface, Morgan and I look very different yet as our relationship has grown these past two years, we’ve been amazed to realize we are sisters under the skin.

We both grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now live in Oregon. Our professional background is in the same industry, and we were associated with the same companies though in different years and capacities. We’ve both moved around the country and know there’s little romance in on-the-job travel. We speak the same language regarding mechanical engineering, bio technology, and historical versus green architecture.

I’ve been married for 32 years and have four daughters and two grandsons. Morgan’s never married or had children – yet. We both are open to the abundance from the universe and pay attention to the little synchronicities that affirm we’re on track with our life purpose.

And we’re thankful we met, and have grown because of our relationship together. Being able to offer a service that benefits other authors, JUST – LIKE – US, is a bonus.

4 thoughts on “Taking our own advice

  1. Fascinating stuff here, Terri. I’ve tried to incorporate some of your casual suggestions from emails and it must be working! Our back list ebooks are starting to sell.


    1. Thanks, Trish! That makes me feel warm and fuzzy! May many more sales come your way for work you’ve done in the past. Yeah! it will fund the stories you will present for our future!

      Making a sale is the goal of good marketing. The product needs to be worthy, as your books are… When the marketing connects to an audience, the products sell on their own merit. And yours have merit or they wouldn’t have won so many awards.

      Marketing is the little engine between the author and the audience. Publishers have always known this, that’s why they were selective where the marketing dollars were assigned.

      Ebooks and Ereaders are not the game changers in the current transitions of the publishing world, it’s the connection between authors and their audience that is creating a new dynamic. The audience is still susceptible to the latest media buzz.

      The more authors – get it – publishers will also get it. The audience is the primary factor and they are not clueless, or blind sheep.

      We will begin to see a different dynamic. I haven’t a clue what it will be like. How exciting is that??


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