Lifestyle choice

Sunrise in eastern Oregon

Ed and I vacation where the weather is great for all type of outdoor activities. We bought property there in 2008 and now have lots of friends for impromptu pot luck dinners. Plans are sort of transient and random, with who is in town for the weekend, which adds to the fun.

Wi-Fi is marginal but I take an hour or two, every other day, to scan through my online connections. I do this to relax and know that I will not return to a deluge I’d rather avoid.

I love to unplug and kayak, ride my bike and pay attention to birds, clouds, breezes. It’s awesome to get off social media and engage in conversations with friends who are passionate about laughter and fun. I also read novels.

It’s funny how reading novels is such a big deal for those that write them, but it’s easy to get caught up in deadlines, and the business of writing, and forget the magic that only comes from reading.

Lifestyle choice often refers to rural vs. urban locations but is really about what makes life worth living. Confusion begins when the what I have or what I do or where I live defines a lifestyle choice. A good lifestyle is built on solid foundations interlaced with dreams of who I am.

While sitting in our camper this week, I read a short story I wrote back in 2003, when I was angry and unaware of the LIFESTYLE I had entered. Then I  read a workshop exercise from 2008 that was my 5-year-goal-plan. Life experiences during those five years had transformed my understanding of gratitude and compassion. These two pieces of my personal history revealed not only my motivation to risk the investment in a vacation spot, but that I am closer to my 2013 writing career goals than I could have imagined.

I’m happy to be in the trenches of my journey to live life with style. I’ve tasted personal success a time or two. I’m blessed with an ancestry of amazing men and women who were grounded in their daily dietary requirements and lifestyle routines but also had a fire in their belly and their head in the clouds.

Their legacy has paved the way for me to be a warrior for a stellar crock pot or new skin care routine. I treasure hugs. Bliss is fleeting but oh-so-cool to taste.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to Lifestyle choice

  1. Rose L says:

    Writers do need to “breathe” sometimes. It aerates the brain cells and gets creative ideas to hatch. I guess I could use some of this!!


  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    Looking back can be quite the enlightening process!


  3. Words of wisdom! That vacation sounds perfect.


  4. Trish says:

    Beautiful! Love the way your mind works!


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