Sisters and Stories

Me, Rose and Sharon in 2007

This sisters picture is from June of 2007, the first night we arrived in Warm Springs, Georgia. We were there to tour the Roosevelt Foundation where our mom was in 1960. Sharon and I had traveled from Oregon together and Rose arrived from Ohio. It was a Sunday and no alcohol is served or sold in Warm Spring, Georgia on a Sunday.

It is acceptable to drink wine in public on Sundays but we had to bring our own bottle to the restaurant, which was a bit of a challenge as there was no place to purchase wine. I won’t say where we got that bottle as we did pay for it, and it was a Sunday.  Residents of this cozy and historic town were very friendly.

Today I chatted with Rose and we began discussing stories about our paternal grandparents. As a high school English & Writing teacher, Rose plans to spend the summer getting all her personal writing projects organized. She writes memoir poetry and the details of our family histories are her pleasure.

As we discussed our grandmother, who was a widow with six children in 1928, when our dad was four-years-old, we agreed that Grandma Angela was a strong woman with powerful secrets. However, Rose and I had heard conflicting stories about our grandfather’s death and neither of us are sure of the accuracy or origination of the secrets we knew.

She heard it was a flu, I heard it was a heart attack. She heard he came home from work and went to bed and was dead by morning. I heard he came home from work and went downstairs to his whiskey still in the basement, during prohibition, and died there. It might not have been whiskey he was stillin’ in the basement, and there’s some question whether what attacked his heart was internal or external. It’s possible there was no still in the basement and he died in his sleep from influenza as that was a common way to die. Rose will be researching which story is more probable.

One memory about our grandmother we agree was true is her statement about a babies birth. At my daughter’s baptism, Grandma Angela was in her late 80’s when she stated, “The first one comes any time, all the rest take nine months.” Her youngest daughter was very surprised and almost yelled, “You never told me that!” We all had a good laugh.

My sister Sharon has as much birth and death data as is available on our ancestors and she has studied the astrological aspects of our past and present generations.  She worked avidly on this information a few years ago but hasn’t recently. What she found was a lot of recurring themes, dates, and planetary aspects that is a bit spooky.

There is no plan for the three of us to gather all our information together as it’s more fascinating to do our own thing and muse and chat and go off on our own tangents. We all have our own memories that are part of our understanding of who we are. It’s not necessary for us to all agree on one truth.

It’s more important for us to gather to chat with a bottle of wine.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

6 Responses to Sisters and Stories

  1. Rose L says:

    Family stories are always remembered differently by family members. Researching the genealogy can be interesting and frustrating. My mother has been doing it for many, many years. She’s about an expert, teaching others how to do it. Usually birth and death certificates can be very helpful, but sometimes those do not exist. There are always family “tales” that flourish until eventually disproved. And sometimes they turn out to be true!! Good luck!


  2. It’s funny how we often remember events in slightly different ways. One of the things I miss by being an only child is being able to bounce memories off brothers or sisters. That must be fun to chat over such things.

    I’ve dug around in my family tree a little. One coincidence was that both my grandfathers were called Frederick William, both of their fathers were called John.


  3. Ah, Terri! You’ve reminded me of the beautiful memories I’ve shared with my sisters. Not over a bottle of wine, though, and usually with a bunch of their rugrats around. Good thing, too, cause family stories really should be collected and handed down to future generations.

    Great post!



  4. Rose says:

    Our next gathering should be in Cleveland to try to search some of the sites and family memories. Just standing on the shores of Lake Erie might trigger some mind-pictures. Yesterday, returning from a bike ride down by the canal, I passed St. Catherine Street. It reminded me of the places I have not seen, and most of them can only be visited in pictures.
    Happy writing.


  5. Trish says:

    Remembrances are fodder for writers! What astro aspects did your sister uncover that are spooky??


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