5-speed vacation

My life has been full of travel and activities that have interrupted my posting to this blog. This is a journal style blog and that means I need to have something to say – which I do – but one thought dissolves at a new idea. Lists of ideas do not a good blog post create.

I drove my daughter Lyndsay’s 5-speed VW Golf home from our “weekend-property.” She and Ed took a road trip to Idaho, for a cupcake event, in my car because it has air-conditioning. I haven’t driven a 5-speed manual transmission vehicle for many years. I stalled out once while reversing out of our eldest daughters driveway. Twice I started up from a stop in 3rd-gear but as soon as I realized it, shifted to 2nd…

I listened to Lyndsay’s song mix on CD while driving through the mountains. When I was near town I listened to her radio station of choice. For some reason she’s into ’80’s music and the tunes swirled memories of my college years. My goals then were for an office job and my own studio apartment in a historic neighborhood, maybe living above a row of specialty shops or a bakery. These weren’t big dreams but during college I was only passionate about singing and dancing, for fun, not with a desire for a life in musical theater.

The advice to “find your passion, then live it” was not promoted while I was in college. Passion was not the word I would have used to describe my interest in reading and writing. Those activities were as necessary to me as breathing and not ones I considered would generate a paycheck. Books were free at the library and there were enough on the shelves to entertain me for life. Typing my stories required nothing more than paper and there was always a huge supply in my childhood home, and a few typewriters.

In my journey through the decades, I have never lived in a studio apartment, or in a town, or alone. I’ve driven some fun little cars but most were vans, sedans, or trucks, and we’ve primarily lived in family homes in a country setting. It’s all been good and I do not look back with discontent but am reassessing how I look forward.

Today I did errands in this 5-speed and quickly found the zone between clutch and gears. Another week and I’d be as smooth as if it was my own car but we’ll trade cars back tomorrow night.

There is no pause in the travel scheduled on my calendar through the month. I’ll be scrambling for wi-fi connections to scan through dozens upon dozens of email and social media feeds in a few hours. I’ll make lists and notes of ideas to explore when I’m settled back in my office.  I do not take vacations from reading and writing as it’s a primary fabric in the tapestry of my life.

There are grandson-care-days ahead as their care provider is on vacation. Ed and I even plan to take our daily routines into town for a few days so he has a short commute and I get out of the country.

To take a vacation means we leave our familiar routines and embrace a new adventure. We focus on a different environment and pattern to our days. That’s why it is a vacation to drive a daughter’s car around for a day or two. It’s a unique experience that creates a new, and fun, view of the mundane details of my life.

Since I’m alone-at-home  for the moment, I had a late breakfast today with my astrologer sister and she assured me that I should expect more ideas to dissolve before they are explored.  We also discussed how we both have a spare tire around our waists and loose skin flaps on our arms. I attended a dinner party tonight with some of my author friends, but that’s another blog post idea to explore…

These are interesting times on planet earth so it’s important to have fun every day.

3 thoughts on “5-speed vacation

  1. We all had such dreams when we were young. I wanted to be a dancer but never had lessons so that ended that. Then I wanted to be an artist, but was never quite good enough. I did manage to be a preschool teacher and it was one of my goals. I was good at it, too. Kids loved me. Now I cannot be the dancer with my bad knees and weight.
    My dream of hiking across Europe and meeting lots of interesting people (and maybe have a lover or two) never came to reality either. I still do not know what I want to grow up to be! LOL
    If someone sees Peter Pan, tell him I want to fly off to Never Neverland with him!


  2. A great read. The manual drive reminded me of my first trip to the US west coast. We’d pre-hired a car at San Francisco airport and when I went to drive away I realised it was automatic – we didn’t do these in the UK at that time, well rarely, I just couldn’t get the car to move so I asked a passer by if he could help. “Ah, you must be European then,” he said. He told me what to do and afterwards I told him, “I’m English by the way, not European.” He seemed to think that was funny. We made some good memories on that holiday.


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