The Great Apple Abundance

Ed’s solution to keep the boughs from breaking and give the apples the opportunity to ripen, as long as we don’t have a strong wind…

The apple tree in our yard has never produced more than a few dozen apples the deer have enjoyed – not so this year.

Pele the cat inspecting what she usually has to climb the tree to sniff.

The tree was old and gnarled when we moved in fifteen years ago so we assumed it was past bearing fruit.

About five years ago we had most of the trees on our property trimmed and we were aghast at how severely the apple tree was pruned.

Three buckets of these baby apples were tossed in the far corners of our yard as they attract bees.

We were sure that pruning had finally killed the tree and we researched using the apple wood for summer barbecues.

This year there were tons of blossoms and we noticed all the really tall branches. Its surrounded by tall trees and  we really didn’t notice the height of the thin branches from the hefty trunk until they were covered in flower. It was pretty but we weren’t concerned. The tree had never produced more than a few dozen apples in 15 years.

We have no idea what type of apples they are, or if they will be worth eating as previously they only were enjoyed by deer.

We won’t know the next stage of this adventure for a few weeks, but we’ve notified all our girls to be ready with bushels and recipes.

Maybe this is the year for us to visit Leavenworth, WA in the end of September.

We love this Bavarian Town but we have never attended the Apple Festivals.

3 thoughts on “The Great Apple Abundance

  1. Rose L

    I have a tree like that in the backyard and someone told me they are crab apples. I just know they do NOT taste good. The deer used to come eat them until all the houses were built. We toss the apples into the yard debris recycle.


  2. Love the idea of deer eating the apples. We don’t have any apple trees (or deer) but our neighbour has (apples that is) and always gives us a big bag full – though still a while to wait as yet. Apple pie, custard and cream – heaven! Oh and apple cake … and … anyway, hope you’ll be able to enjoy them.


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