Sky Knights on the Lake
This picture was taken as I floated in my kayak.

Summer in Oregon is so awesome, short though it may be, it is packed full of events to attend. The buzz over the lake at our weekend place was remote controlled airplanes and our eldest grandson was with us for the fun. All the planes had pontoons for water take-offs and landings. The competition lasted two days with greater challenges to perform, including stunts and speed, spot landings and more.

In the evening, there was a pot-luck-barbecue that included grilled burgers and wieners, and a big bowl of potato salad, but every other choice of side-dish to sample was a delight to the taste buds. Three of the warm side dishes featured bacon and cooked cabbage, including my own contribution – and the pan was scraped clean.

After desserts, we returned to the beach for fun flying and instead of one performance at a time, numerous RC planes were buzzing across the lake, doing loops in the sky and whizzing between the poles. Twilight on a lake shore is always awesome and there was no worry about potential crashes as even if the crafts crashed, the pilots were still standing on the shore holding the control pad.

Ed took one of our friends for an evening flight in his 1946 Piper Cub and since the paint scheme is also yellow with red accents, it was amusing but understandable when one observer thought it was just a big RC plane.

My personal delight, as an insider at these events, is observing the bond of community between people who share a passion. It’s easy to get them to veer away from chatting about their toys and hobbies and revealing their careers and heredity. There’s an equality that is created in clubs and events with a focus on their passion whether it is RC or light sport aircraft. The income, education, race, and even sexual bias dichotomy evaporates when the conversation is all about – whatever – from a sport to a hobby passion.

On our way home from this glorious weekend, our 9-yr-old grandson was replete and content with fun memories and so many stories to tell his friends. That’s what I love the most about summer, seeing through the eyes of a child the wonders available when we play.

3 thoughts on “Sky Knights on the Lake

  1. RoseL

    I remember watching my dad with his RC airplanes. He built every single one and has been flying them for about 50 years. This post brought back memories. He originally started with control-line planes and would be out there doing stunts. They held contests and would do dog fights and all sorts of acrobatics.


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