From sea to the high planes

Seaside, OR

We planned to take our 9-yr-old grandson to Seaside for a few days but instead added the 3-yr-old grandson into our plans as he will be starting preschool this week.

A drama within their home ended a lifestyle that seemed like a good thing for most of the past eighteen months. But it was getting old. The abrupt conclusion soon revealed a new daily routine for these boys and their mom was long overdue.

I’m thrilled about the sudden changes in their home life. But with young boys, and a single mom, even beneficial lifestyle changes need adjustment time.

I was happy to help with their lifestyle transition though it required a whole week of twelve hour (or more!) days with my grandsons. My intent at this new moon was to add physical exercise to my daily routine. This instantly manifested and I was amazed at how physically active I could be, non-stop-all-day, even exhausted and stiff. When there’s a 3-yr-old involved, resting is not an option.

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

Week two of grandson  childcare began with our vacation at the coast. This adventure was more relaxed for Ed and I, while full of adventure for the boys. Hotel rooms are not as big a deal to us and the view out the window was nice, but we’re not as into jumping from bed to bed in a hotel room as boys. Ed was more into the Funland Arcade, and I was more into riding the Carousel.

We knew the tide schedule and arrived at Haystack Rock on Tuesday when all the tide pools were ready to be explored. Last year Ed and I took our-then 8-yr-old grandson to Newport for a few days and the Oregon Aquarium was included. This year he got to explore the real deal and his memories were as dear as his current adventure.

We checked out of the hotel on Wednesday morning and paused to regroup at our home, two hours from the coast, to prepare for the next phase of the week. Soon we were off to our weekend place east of the Cascades and the boys were thrilled when Ed decided a remote control airplane would be the project for those days.

Inland lakes on the edge of the desert have a whole different flavor than the wild Oregon coast.

But beach time is beach time to a boy and where it is – is less of a deal than that it is…

Two weeks of devoted grandparent attention is not as big a deal in my life as it will be for them.

Or – maybe it’s bigger….

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to From sea to the high planes

  1. Kids have a way of making us see the world a bit differently, don’t they? And I love when an “a-ha” moment hits them. What precious memories for everyone, Teri!


  2. Rose L says:

    Any time spent with children is on eye-opening and wonderful experience.


  3. Trish says:

    Fodder, always fodder in your life, Terri.


  4. Always good to read your posts. We looked after our just 2 year old grandson for a day last week – and slept well that night! But it’s magical being with him.


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