Crazy Cell Sauce

It’s been a wild month and as of today:

I think my 15 year relationship with my cell phone number has ended. Well, I’m sure this won’t be the end of it as the wireless carrier wants $160 from me, in addition to monthly charges.

Here’s the story:  7 years ago, I added 3 more phones/numbers for our girls under the Friends & Family plan. This May, we decided it was time for us to have our own accounts. Before terminating that plan I talked to customer service to verify there would be no hidden fees or cancellation charges.  By July 1st, everyone was in their new plans and I got hit with a $160 cancellation charge.

Why?  In November of 2010, an upgrade of service and equipment for one phone (#4) was assigned to a different number(#3).  Phone #3 changed carriers in June of 2012, so early cancellation fees for the upgrade to phone #4 (in 2010) were charged to my phone (#1) as it was the primary one listed on the account.

My service has been suspended today.

I was told last month that the $160 would automatically be credited to my account this month. I was assured in May that none of this would happen… the whole record of my communication with this carrier shows up every time I call customer service and they pull up account history…

When I chatted with customer service about this, in May, I stated the change was because I would be upgrading my plan soon and adding mobile services. Until now, I’ve barely ever used my cell phone for more than a few texts per week and a few short phone calls per month. Now I’m free to explore whatever mobile options I want.

There’s more crazy sauce and irony around this whole thing but the ridiculousness of it all has given me a headache.

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to Crazy Cell Sauce

  1. This must be a worldwide thing, there always seems to be mobile phone companies in the news about their plans not going exactly to plan. It’s also sometimes quite mind numbing to work out which is the best deal – so many variations.


  2. Trish says:

    Something similar happened to me when our daughter got her own account. A cancellation fee – plus they extended my contract another two years.


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