Wild Times

Sunflower in Dufur

A few months ago, a young man commented that:

women writers will stop writing because of a family issue or something, and aren’t dependable, so we need a bigger pool of talent to draw from …

I don’t remember his actual words because I was trying not to laugh hysterically. I am one of those women writers who has never stopped writing. However, when life is more turbulent than words on a page could explain I avoid writing in public venues. Venting, regurgitated tripe, and emotional purging is not good writing.

This past month has been full of “Hold on to your hat on this roller coaster called life” events. I also know it’s not just my life as more than one friend, my girls and sisters, have all lamented the same dousing of crazy sauce.

This latest roller coaster ride has been exhausting but also tons of fun as it included lots of grandson related activities. The final event was attending the Theshing Bee in Dufur, OR.  I love tiny historic towns and their remembrance events. Our 9-yr-old grandson is already too tall to fit the clothes and beds used 100 years ago, and my own hand is too big for the fancy shoes the ladies wore. But these were worn by the creative workers who advanced farming techniques and now we live in a country where 1/3 of the population is obese.

One of the attractions at the Threshing Bee is the free “train” tour around the town of Dufur. Our grandson was not enticed to climb into the decorated 55-gallon drums on wheels the first time he saw the train. Later, when it passed us by while we were walking in the hot sun, he noticed there were lots of older kids and adults enjoying the ride. So he took a seat on the next tour.

I wanted to initiate more exercise into my days and boy-howdy, I’ve gotten exercise.

I’m getting back into my writing routine again, and hope to read a book soon. I’ve got a stack on my pile, but I’m also trying to recover from too much sunshine. I wimp out with headaches and touches of nausea.  I’ll blame the extra activity for being unable to recover from the heat with nothing more than a bag of Fritos. But age may be a factor too.

Fortunately I read a good article today that was a reminder of how important it is to “protect the girl who loves to write for fun.” I’ve had a lot of fun but it was as a grandma, wife, mom, and not as that girl. And that’s why women writers, in my opinion, will stop writing for a time. We have to shift into being women and do our duty for love sometimes. Then the writing becomes our work, instead of our passion.

It’s not the family or issue that make us stop writing it’s getting too busy, and focused, and forgetting to have fun as that girl.

2 thoughts on “Wild Times

  1. Rose L.

    I always enjoy historic events and the living history places. Now that this heat is upon us, I keep wondering how the pioneers handled the heat!!! I am so very thankful for A/C!!!!!


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