Our Blue Moon

The Blue Moon rose in an awesome sky.

It was still in the sky the following morning.

The Full Moon is the culmination of the waxing cycle. Check out Steven Nelson’s GAIA Moon Magic Forecast for September.

Labor Day weekend is the final holiday weekend of the summer in the USA as it heralds the beginning of the school year. There was a strong flavor of celebration all around the lake at our weekend place. The campground was full and many of the owner lots were overflowing with clusters of tents and trailers. The shore around the lake was decorated with shade canopies and every style and color of chair. All types of floats and boats were on the water.

My friend and I enjoyed kayaking with the waves created by all the powered watercraft but we stayed out of the paths of the skiers. We also “rescued” a young man seated in an inflatable pontoon boat as he’d lost one of the oars. Our kayak paddles float but his oar sank like a rock and he was patiently waiting for the waves to push him to shore. We attached a bungee cord to the rear of my kayak and he hung on to the other end, and my friend pushed him from behind. We all laughed a lot.

Many of my personal conversations, in recent weeks, were flavored with a desire for new schedules and routines. Most related to friends and family who are involved in new homes that are being built or remodeled. Others are moving in, or still unpacking, or waiting for closing, or just beginning to shop for a home.

The most dramatic “new home” story is:  My sister and niece arrived in New Orleans in search of an apartment before the new college semester begins. They spent days in the dark as Hurricane Issac devastated the area. Seven years ago, the remnants of Hurricane Katrina turned off the power for an hour at the funeral home where we were all gathered for our dad’s wake. Those memories made the experience more weird. They are both fine and have secured a place for my niece that can be occupied now, while many of the dorms are unavailable until after clean up.

The school schedule dominated my life for many years and I still feel the Labor Day weekend is the pause to regroup before a new adventure begins. I just don’t know yet what it may be. The new home idea has been explored in theory for months, it’s hard not to think about when it’s all around me, but I really don’t want the disruption.

The Blue Moon fulfillment energy, for me personally, represents the decision not to move to a new home. I have many projects in process and it’s good to continue bringing them to completion instead of planning to pack my office into boxes.  This means I’m now free to explore new routines from these familiar foundations.

My new adventure may spring from choosing not to create one. Instead I’ll focus on how to enhance the adventure I’ve already chosen.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to Our Blue Moon

  1. Trish says:

    Culmination, completion, harvest. And what a gorgeous moon it was!


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