Color Spots

My garden in the front of my house has been neglected the past few years. I’ve always created my gardens with perennial flowers and flowering bushes as I like watching them broaden and grow over the years. I’m into bulbs too because it’s always a surprise when they appear. Whenever I start a new garden, I will strategically plan the accent pieces then fill in with annuals while the slower growing plants establish their space and size. I enjoy trimming and shaping them a little as possible. I’m really more a create-your-own-shape gardener.

The decorative gardens around my current home were created 15 years ago, and they were well established in a few years. I’d add some annuals to fill in bare spots for fun and a variety of color. I added pots around the deck and where soil or sun just wasn’t enough. Then there was a winter where I couldn’t wait to work in the garden and began creating indoor pots with well chosen plants to enhance the Feng Shui energy in my home.

But time and distance, enhanced by some wacky weather in recent summers, has made my outdoor gardens sparse in some areas and horribly overgrown in others. Moles have munched on my bulbs so spring brings few surprises. As our girls are now gone, we seldom host parties in our “empty nest.”

I hadn’t realized how sad my gardens had become.

Flower gifts to my father-in-law’s funeral were exceptional. The beautiful arrangements brought home spanned the length of the garage – and the aroma was amazing. The first task was distributing and donating these arrangements while still fresh so they could be enjoyed. There were lots of mums in those arrangements, and a few asters, that are now planted in my in-laws flower gardens. Since transporting them from Ohio to Oregon wasn’t an option, I didn’t think about what I was missing until I got home to my sad, and exceptionally dry (I didn’t think about asking anyone to water them!) gardens.

There are now four separate color spots, like those pictured, in my garden as there were a lot of red and white mums in those funeral bouquets honoring my father-in-law. But that was just the beginning since he was a master gardener.

I added some more mums, after I trimmed back everything except my asters.

Asters on the right, mums on the left. Zodiac sundial in the middle.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to Color Spots

  1. Jamie Brazil says:

    Good job… funny how certian things remind us of loved ones lost… and speaking of parties, I’d love to invite you to a party at our house. Not sure when, but soon, before the sun tucks into winter, after our houseguest goes home. Hugs!!!


  2. Rose L says:

    Well now you are ready for a garden party. My garden is a bit sad.


  3. Trish says:

    Your garden looks quite spiffy now! The funeral flowers are just beautiful.


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