Be Curious

The new Zen garden that lines our driveway.

This Harvest Moon has been anticipated as profound by astrologers and now it’s here.

Two big Grand Crosses, separated by Sextiles, and a Grand Trine to one corner of each of the Grand Crosses.

Jim at JBuss Astrology waxes enthusiastic about what all that means, and in a way hobby astrologers can almost understand, if there wasn’t so much going on in the stars. So I want to highlight two of his main summary points:

Take your Attention off of a Past that has passed and is indeed past, and put it on the Future you are co-creating.  It has already begun.

The frame of mind you want is Curiosity; how will we co-create this new World? …

We don’t know how that will evolve, and we will serve it best by holding Curiosity about how it will move and change and what it might look like as it grows.

That’s great advice. Curiosity encourages us to ask why, and why does it matter. The curious are not easy prey to the biggest hype or the loudest voice.

If the curious do take a stand, on anything, they usually have all their ducks in a row. They may be comparing ducks to beavers but at least they’ve got it half right. I’m not saying Jim at JBuss Astrology is only half right – actually he’s one of the few astrologers I actually enjoy reading and promote here as – readable. The point is – as he stated in the following post:

Fergot to mention one of the most important elements – the Moon’s Nodes are now in Scorpio-Taurus. Hence the traumadramas.

I’m a Taurus woman, with a Scorpio moon, so I’m hard wired by the stars for tramadrams – and curiosity has been my personal salvation. Issues in my life have spanned abandonment to trauma, and I even learned to play a Zither.

I am curious and have a very high reading-retention level. What I read is rather eclectic and I feel informed about the variety of apocalyptic predictions through history and around the globe. So I’m going to state, for the record, they are already past. We’re already in the new world order, the shift has happened, even on all the biblical proportions, and now – we are already there –  all bets are off.

My dad used to say: Growing old is not for the weak and feeble.  I’m going to reword that now: Growing up is for the strong and healthy.

The frame of mind you want is Curiosity; how will we co-create this new World?

Another post I read on the same day as the above is: “The Hopes and Dreams of Truly Awful People” where Art Holcomb clarifies that the best villains in a drama absolutely know – they are the heroes of their own story.

Curiosity has been my personal salvation, what’s yours?

5 thoughts on “Be Curious

  1. Vonnie Alto (@VonnieAlto)

    ‘m also curious but lately my personal salvation has been Pinterest. Pinterest gives me a break from life’s challenges and fuels my creativity by seeing all sorts of lovely and interesting “pins.” I consider it my therapy–a soothing balm for my spirit.


  2. I find life, and people, completely fascinating. I think that writers generally do. It’s what enables us to see POV and incorporate that into our books. You are absolutely right — we really are the heroes of our own stories and need to step up and own it!


  3. Like Mike, I also believe we co-create our world. Indra’s net, all connected. A Taurus with a scorpio moon. That means you were born under a full moon. Illumination, then, is key for you – illumination about whatever you’re focused on.


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