Letting stories percolate

Even the clouds are going in all different directions.

Piles of mail and papers on the dining table and kitchen counter have been shuffled around this past month, until now. I found a print out of the mundane astrological forecast for Taurus during September. I obviously printed this at the beginning of the month and never read them. Now I’ve read what was forecast by the stars in relation to the events. There’s been a lot!

My father-in-law passing at 11:55pm on 9/6, followed by 9 days in Ohio for the funeral and trysting with my past.

On our return to Oregon a massive landscaping project began, it was delayed because we were in Ohio, of clearing years of overgrowth to be replaced with Zen gardens.

Last week, my partner Morgan and I have taken another big leap forward in our Author Marketing 101 business. And we are presenting at a conference at the end of this month.

I waited a week to hear the status of my friend Mike’s’ kidney surgerywhile lighting candles for him.

Also in September there were details with one daughter’s mortgage, our grandsons new school schedule, and The First Dinner Party in our soon to be newlyweds First Home. These are Big Life Events and cause for celebration.

That’s a lot in one month. The final days of September we took another trip with the grandsons to our weekend place. The kayaks are now stored for the winter, the camper has been cleared out, and I brought home all kinds of things to use for the bridal shower next month.

Since I understand a little about astrology, it was fascinating to read the mundane aspects for a Taurus during September, on October 1st. There were a lot of of stellar energies and they lined up nicely with events I experienced. The interpretations of how these energies may impact my days didn’t apply, but that’s because the stars are telling a general story that pertains to every Taurus, and we are all individual stories.

This month reminded me of the percolating coffee pot my dad put on the stove every morning. The hot water from the bottom of the glass pot shot up through a glass straw to hit the lid, and splatter across the coffee grounds. The heat had to be just right to percolate, and not boil over, for that breakfast coffee.

I learned some things this month, big things, simple but profound truths. And now I feel it’s time for me to finally sit back with a great cup of coffee and finish the story I have already written. There’s a new story to begin.

3 thoughts on “Letting stories percolate

  1. Mike has many people out here in blogland who were pulling for him. Today, Saturn moved into Scorpio, opposite your sun sign. Major move, will be there more than 2 years. I have scorpio rising, married rob under this transit, started career. Dont’ know you rising or chart, Terri, but ask your sister. It feels strong to me.


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