Dancing with my sweetie

My sweetie in 1978, the year we met.

The wedding events are in full swing here with only 8 weeks to go. This evening was the first lesson on ballroom dancing, for the bride and groom and parents. It was tons of fun and we’ve scheduled another lesson for next week.

I’m thrilled the bride and groom wanted to learn to ballroom dance and I hope they don’t let decades pass before they dance again.

Ed and I have only danced together once in the past ten years, maybe twenty, but dancing is how we met. Well, not really.

We met because we hung around with the same crowd in college. When we tracked back all the connections of our activities it was rather amazing that we hadn’t met earlier in our lives. But we did finally meet one spring afternoon outside the campus cafeteria. It still ranks at the top of the list of my most embarrassing moments.

There was a broken Frisbee involved, a variety of babbling on my part, ending with me walking into a wall.  I felt confident I would never see him again but for the next two weeks he kept appearing everywhere I seemed to turn. Part of my babbling included my whole class schedule and favorite hangouts.

We were both attending an annual dinner dance and, since we only lived three miles apart, he offered to give me a ride though he would be leaving early because he was running a 5K in the morning.  There were mix ups and more to this story so we were late. As soon as we arrived we went our separate ways.

A few hours later I was surprised to see he was still there. By then I was willing to leave early with him, but not until we danced together. The band was on a break but he agreed to stay until the next polka as he didn’t do rock-n-roll.

Ed and I had both learned social ballroom dancing in our childhood so as soon as we started dancing together it was like we always had been. And we danced the whole set. And we had that world stopping first kiss during the break, and danced the next set, and it was really late when he took me home. His time for the 5K run that following morning was his worst, ever.

That was the man I danced with tonight. Not the grandfather with a back injury and numb feet from his car accident. And Ed was the energized and enthusiastic dance partner I remembered.

It was fun to learn dance steps with an instructor. We’ve never learned to dance together, we just fit and were in step from the first moment. Decades may have passed but the energy and connection is still there. Ed even called me – his bride.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to Dancing with my sweetie

  1. Rose L. says:

    AHHHH…how sweet. I used to love to dance, but my hubby danced like he had 2 left foot put on backwards.


  2. How lovely is that! You write: “it was rather amazing that we hadn’t met earlier in our lives.” How often that happens, all those ‘near misses’. There does appear to be a right time for most things.


  3. Dawwww! You two are such romantics!


  4. recieOrice says:

    There is nothing like a dance together to seal the deal. Your story touched me. Thanks for sharing.


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