Live the Story. Love the Journey.

There’s a frenzy of posts on my writer networks  as some of my friends are already at the ECWC conference in Bellevue, WA.  It begins Friday afternoon but there was a bonus all day workshop offered today. Last year there was a costume ball and I was a mermaid. This year there is a “Glow Ball” and I will be wearing disco ball earrings and a tiny spangled top hat.

Morgan and I will be presenting a marketing workshop first thing Saturday morning then we’ll put our novelist hats back on to attend lots of fabulous workshops and presentations. We’ll pitch our novels to agents and editors, and network with industry insiders and fellow writers. The energy will be high all weekend, and we’ll all have tons of fun, and take tons of notes, and feel exhausted with information overload when the conference ends on Sunday.

But this year I’ll be detoxing and unwinding without the 3+ hour commute home. A few of us are staying the extra night to attend the King Tut Exhibition in Seattle on Monday.

I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing, reassessing, reviewing. I remember my surprise when I first realized writing romance novels was a career choice. I jumped in without a clue, and failed miserably, but had a great time writing story after story while my girls were young. The editors at Harlequin were really nice with each rejection. There was always something they liked, but also something missing like – plot, character arc, conflict, drama.

There were times in my life when I spent years without reading a new book but only those I’d read before. There were times in my life when I couldn’t read fiction at all as the conflict/drama/emotional journey – was too real. That was when I turned to non-fiction. And I began a whole new journey. Then I took all I’d learned and returned to writing fiction because my reality had changed.

Those tangent years of learning and writing memoir taught me more than I really wanted to know about myself and I retained  a tight grip on that dream of writing romance novels, someday. I also learned that dreams change and I am more than a dream.

I’m a story. I’m a work-in-process. I’m a laundry list of successes and credentials. I’m a wild ride of hopes and dreams. I’m also a mother of four amazing women who consider me wacky and wonderful instead of calling me a menopausal bitch. And I am content.

I’m also excited about the next stage of my journey.

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