On Tap

Sorry it’s dark. It was a dark pub!

My weekend included an exceptional writer  conference, meeting amazing people, aligning new career objectives, yada yada yada, AND – spending Saturday night in a hole in the wall pub called the Blue Moon to see Opera On Tap!

This is not one of my best pictures to share, but it was a really wild experience.  Imagine ten professional opera singers getting rowdy together. The tonal quality was beyond fabulous and performances over-the-top dramatic.

The pub was of the type I avoided even during college; wobbly tables, an unusual odor, decent beer – and the “grill” was closed but they had Marie Calendar Chicken Pot Pies to heat in the microwave – but there were only 2 left and there were 3 of us. Gina Fluharty initiated this Saturday night social event and snapped the picture with my camera. She had the chili, in a coffee mug, and it’s safe to state the dietary aspects of the dinner were not the appeal of this Saturday night social event.

Corinna Quilliam was the soprano we had come to see – but the pictures of her performance were blurry and this is one time when a picture is really lame without a soundtrack. So all I can share is that is was one of the most amazing vocal experiences I’ve had in years. Every note was on pitch and resonated and increased in power.

Opera isn’t for everyone, including me, but beautiful music touches my core essence and creates a vibrational harmony that feels good. I love feeling the power beneath the sound and am in awe of this personal talent that can be turned into something so stellar.

This is the first time I haven’t scurried home immediately after an intensive conference experience and I recommend it. When you’re buzzing with energy and information overload it is better to decompress for a while. This Opera On Tap opportunity was a surprise bonus. We stayed the night to attend the King Tut exhibit on Monday – and that was awesome too!

But now I am unpacked, rested, and full of wonderful memories and lots of plans and insight for my writer career. The conference was the business side, the Opera On Tap and King Tut are even more important as they refill my creative soul – both are needed!

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to On Tap

  1. Rose L. says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Maybe we will see and hear you again in Chrysalis soon!


  2. All sounds wonderful, especially the opera in a pub. What a great idea. Glad to read that your creative soul has been topped up – things should really happen now!


  3. Trish says:

    It sounds like fun! I think I could enjoy opera in a pub!


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