The days between

My shoes for the wedding.

We have heard from all our east coast friends and family.  Most have power and water, all are in safe places and doing fine. Or at least they are putting a positive spin on their days for those of us on the west coast. There is a little concern about a soon-to-be-purchased home that has lots of trees on a steep slope to the Chagrin River in Ohio. No one has been by to look at the property and the buyers are out of town.

We did hear that a mayor in New Jersey postponed Halloween until Sunday. Our eldest daughter got this news from her friend Kelly, who lives in NJ. Since Kelly’s neighborhood was flooded, and without power, no one was planning to send their children out in search of candy handouts. They probably won’t on Sunday either, even if they have power and the waters have receded.

Ed and I didn’t think about it being Halloween when we were at the mall and I got my shoes. Then we watched the movie ARGO which was good, even with the fictional ending. When we came out of that matinee viewing, the mall was full of costumed children and their families.

I had planned to shop for my mother-of-the-bride-wedding shoes before the conference last weekend but I had a bee sting my foot and my focus changed. I guess I needed to spend the days prior to those exciting days resting and soaking my foot to reduce the swelling. This process became more effective once I got the stinger out after almost 24 hours.

So I returned from the conference and may have overdone the fun a bit. I tucked right into proofing a manuscript I haven’t looked at in months. There were a few typos and I was wondering about some stylistic elements by the time I got to chapter eight, and realized those scenes were a mess. But my throat was scratchy and my eyes were dry and burning so I took a break the next day for shoe shopping and a movie.

The heals a bit higher than I wanted. There’s a little rubber on the bottom so they aren’t too slippery. But… They are just too perfect to pass. I’ll be taking them for a dancing test on Sunday. Unfortunately I spent yesterday and today suffering with the common cold/mild flu. Not sure what to call it. Illness has a very different feel when you work from home instead of medicating it to get to the office.

So again, I have to accept the sitting around and resting aspects of my days as dictated by my physical condition at this time. One grandson turns ten next week, the following week will be focused on a bridal shower. Then there’s the rehearsal dinner, out-of-town-guests arriving, and our youngest daughter’s wedding. Wee Hee!

Thanksgiving Dinner, the Christmas Holidays, and a New Year are approaching.   There are over a dozen books that I want to read – right now. There are three books I am writing that I want completed – right now. My friends and family will assure that when I have a clear goal in my mind that I want it achieved, yesterday.

The days between an objective and an achieved goal are always my challenge.

I get it now. I think. Maybe not.

There’s also an election. I already voted so won’t pay much attention until the results are announced.

Thanks for your comments.

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