When the election is done

My political opinions are always framed in their historical significance so I never get passionate about an election. I pay attention, I research and analyze, I listen and make a decision. Then I vote.

I get Marketing. I also see political campaigns as designed on the “what to fear” and “who’s to blame” strategy.  It’s all about the strongest voice of the tribe and seldom about leadership for humanity.

Politics to me is a climate, as turbulent as Mother Earth, and as predictable as the weather. As individuals we claim ownership over our land and home or property, as we do of our president. Our choices are always framed in what’s best for us, and our families, to live the life we want to live. And as we are a global community of billions with diverse talents/heredity/cultures/preferences/ and dietary or medical needs – what’s good for one is not always good for another.

I also believe in balance and the potential of a happy medium. Those would be the years when there was democratic and global economic progress, and mild weather patterns. Neither of which we’ve seen in our lives or can expect to happen in a way that coordinates with our daily schedules.

History has been documented for thousands of years by those with the time and resources to write it down. History has been reinterpreted and edited for thousands of years by those who teach and for those willing to learn.

Geology and Meteorology are right up there with our Political and Cultural History for what I want to document for my grandchildren. These children are the leaders of tomorrow – on this planet I adore and call home. These children deserve a full toolbox, not a standardized one. The children of today are capable of great innovation and opportunities to play well together. Let’s give them that chance.

It’s not about money. It is about the economy but at a climate level.

So whatever happens this week in These United States, my hope is that we all accept the outcome and then put on our big-girl/big-boy panties and get back to creating a life worth living for ourselves and our communities. This is the climate we live in and it is our individual journey and choices that will always make the biggest difference.

We all have a lot to learn.

One thing I’ve learned is that history is fascinating and open to interpretation.

Art, music, and good stories are as big a deal in history as the science, politics, crop schedules, fashions, migration patterns and natural disasters.

Judgment fades as time passes.

Thanks for your comments.

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