Traditions Revisited

Winter Wonderland feel in balmy Oregon

I snapped this picture of the room before the party began because the pristine simplicity and elegance was just too cool.

There are stories behind the color choices, decorations, and the chair covers (2nd use). There’s a story about the tile work of the fireplace and fascinating details in every room of my sister’s historic home. We gave tours to first time visitors, but we were there to party.

The Bridal Showering of Gifts for my generation was flavored with kitchen supplies; dishes, cutlery, pans, or bath towels, bedroom linens, and household decor. This generation of brides have lived on their own and are combing two households so there was only one whisk and one apron.

first gift with the cardinal design

The first six gifts opened were (not-planned-between-family-members) coordinating pieces of  Lenox china with the Cardinal design. This a sentimental treasury for the bride and her almost tearful reaction touched everyone. These gifts were not in her bridal registry but the Cardinal represents my mom, her grandmother, and the matching lamp has been part of my holiday decor for the past seven years.

The rest of the gifts were more personal to the bride and her life today, like the rubber boots to wear on the wedding day if it’s muddy. There were bathing suits and dresses to wear on her honeymoon, lots of pretty lingerie, and a few items better left unmentioned.

The boots she’ll wear under her wedding dress if it is rainy and muddy that day.
Coach clutch purse

The story behind the final gift of a Coach clutch is my business partner Morgan was at the coast with friends in April and shopped in the Coach outlet store. She had a strong urge to purchase this small and elegant purse but wasn’t sure why other than it was a great price. So she didn’t buy it.

The next day, on their way home, they stopped at the outlet again and she bought it. Morgan did not meet Lyndsay until May. But as soon as Morgan got her invite to this bridal shower, she knew she bought this special purse for Lyndsay to use on her wedding day. It’s the perfect match for her wedding shoes too!

My girls will soon all have different last names…

A few hours later, the evidence of the party was wiped away. The table and chairs will remain until after we all gather for the Thanksgiving Dinner this week.  There will be sixteen.

My girls paused for a “together” picture as this is their last bridal adventure. They all have different last names and their own homes. After this picture they began the new bridal tradition of a bachelorette party.

I’ve seen some pictures posted online of the activities that included a huge limo, and a good time was had by all. When I consider the height of the heels on their shoes, and the alcoholic beverages displayed in the pictures, I’m happy to report there was only one injury. The bride sprained her wrist when she slipped in beer. That’s one story I don’t need to know.

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