Celebrate Gratitude

My big brother is in Oregon for the wedding on 12-1-12. My youngest daughter is also his God-Daughter as he was her sponsor at her baptism. And he carved the Turkey for our Thanksgiving Feast. It really was a FEAST and tons of FUN!

I’ve been reminded this week to be grateful for many things, like breathing. Breathing was always an important thing to be thankful for in my life. This makes me very interested in what others feel deserves gratitude in their lives. I love seeing posts about being thankful for family, friends, and good food. Those are good! Health and happiness are also good topics for our gratitude.

But I adore being grateful for more specific things, like that my big brother was in town to carve the turkey – because there’s a wedding to attend.

Here’s two other “be grateful” opportunities that deserve attention:

Rob recently transformed the side yard, around the Hatcher mango tree, so that when I glance out my office windows, I see the tendrils of ivy that cover the ground and shoots of bamboo and lavender clusters of Mexican heather, a private little paradise. Critters scurry around, busy with their lives. Fire ants build great domes of sand, lizards and iguanas and possums feed from the bowl of cat food I leave out for a neighbor’s cat, squirrels feasts on our mangos, our avocados. Birds trill from the branches of the trees. I’m seduced into gratitude. My outer world is the internal made manifest, a faithful reflection of my inner being. Trish MacGregor

Every day I’m amazed that I have the privilege of doing the work I do, and I know that I wouldn’t be able to do it without the combined efforts of literally thousands of people who do more than they have to.  Seth Godin

I’m always grateful for the individual specifics of my life. I give thanks for breathing. I give thanks for who I work with, and what I see through the windows of my home.

Family, friends, health and happiness are treasures worthy of gratitude – every day. I believe gratitude deserves more specific attention because the story of our lives is in the details.

Our lives are full of details, and that’s where the fun resides.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Gratitude

  1. I am thankful for the good years I had with my husband before he became ill with physical conditions and frontal lobe dementia. Since his passing on Nov. 10th, I can look back on those memories and be thankful for them.


  2. Because of the health problem I had (all now okay) I’ve got into the habit of every night, before sleeping, of acknowledging the things I’ve been thankful for during the day I’m leaving behind. It’s interesting the bits and pieces that come to mind, things otherwise that may have gone unnoticed.


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