Wedding “Oh Shit” Kit

The final flurry commences with the details and decorations for a stress free day.

Rehersal Dinner 004
Anything else needs an errand

“Oh Shit” Contents include:

  • Static Guard and Lint Roller
  • Bleach Pen and Tacky Glue
  • Aspirin and Ibuprofen
  • Safety Pins and Sewing Kit
  • Band-aids and Breath Strips
  • Antacids and Duct Tape
  • Eye Drops and Scissors
  • Hair Pins and Dental Floss
  • Tissues and Q-tips

A new recommendation was to include Hemroid Creme for puffy eyes. Really? Apparently, some swear by it.

Now to get the rest of everything together like clothes, shoes, makeup & hair stuff, extra shoes and hosiery, small clutch purse for necessities to be with me and not in a back room. Camera and phone batteries are charged…

RHD bride-dad

Oh yeah, daddy already practiced walking his baby girl down the aisle.

Maybe I’d better rethink that Hemroid Creme. I just won’t tell him what it is when I dab it on his puffy eyes.

In my experience, the “Oh Shit” kits usually mean none of it will be needed. But then, if any of it is, the panic factor is instantly wiped away and the “issue” will just be a tidbit story on such a special day.

Now I’m going to clean, and pamper, my face then wind down and crawl into bed. The Wedding Day activities begin in a little over twelve hours.

Celebrate 12-1-12!

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