The 12-1-12 Wedding

wedding party
The Bridal Party for this stunning and delightful event!

It was a beautiful day with sun breaks and showers.  I handed my camera to friends and they got some great shots for me.

A darling flower girl, a ring bearer and the special attendant Hannah for: Tat, the K-9 of Honor
A darling flower girl, a ring bearer, and the special attendant Hannah: for Tat, the K-9 of Honor

The flower girl, ring bearer, K-9 of honor and her attendant, are not included in the above picture but they made the early afternoon ceremony even more delightful.

When the Bride and Groom were introduced at the end of the ceremony, and the applause rose, above that  sound was their dog Tat, barking her approval from the corner of the room.

Tat is now sleeping quietly in the corner of our living room as the Bride and Groom are on their honeymoon. Tat loves visiting our home as it is surrounded by all kinds of trees and fascinating animal scents.  She’ll probably rest another day, as there has been so much excitement in her home for weeks. And they’ve only been in their new home for two months.

The whole wedding day was flavored with fun and almost all of my “oh shit kit” was left untouched. It will be a few weeks before we have the professional photos, but there are a variety already posted and being shared through FaceBook.

Trish -me
Trisha “Fire-Fingers” Fairman and me.

The music at the wedding ceremony was provided by my niece Trisha, known as Fire-Fingers-Fairman of the band Whiskey Mile.

Ed escorted his youngest daughter down the aisle with a smile.

She captured his heart at birth and has been a ray of sunshine every day.

He had a private message for the bride and groom that he expanded into a toast later at the reception. She’s always been a ray of sunshine in Ed’s life and now that she’s found a wonderful man to share her life, the sun will always shine for them. Ed’s words brought a tear to many eyes, though we were also smiling.

Almost 200 guests attended the ceremony and following reception. There were fun puzzles and decks of cards on the elegantly draped tables. All the chairs were covered in white, with large blue bows that matched the guys vests and girls dresses. It was the most elaborate and elegant wedding I’ve attended in years, and worth the anticipation! The reception began around 3:00 pm and there were a few dozen guests still dancing when the Bride and Groom left at 10:00 pm. There were four separate menus for the day; beginning with snacks, followed by a plated meal, the wedding cake and desserts, and later an array of cheese/crackers/meats/chips and salsa.

Father-Daughter dance.
Father-Daughter dance.

The music was provided by The Ben Rice Band and they did an awesome job of entertaining without overpowering during dinner. They played a variety of songs for waltzing, and many rowdy and traditional wedding songs.

The bride chose a special song for the father-daughter waltz, only letting her dad know it was a Frank Sinatra song. Ed was surprised when the music began and it was a recording of Frank singing Love & Marriage, which is the theme song for the TV sit-com Ed still likes to watch, “Married With Children.” Ed had a tough time dancing a waltz to that tune.

Later in the evening Trisha played with the band so we got a taste of those “fire-fingers,” as the music at the ceremony earlier was more sedate. I actually felt inspired to dance an Irish Jig, for almost a whole 30 seconds. My high healed dancing shoes spent most of the hours under my chair… When the majority of guests were gone, the band let loose some more. The bride sang a song then stage dove into “the Crowd” who caught her easily.

The cake was a three tiered, and three flavored, Papa Haydn creation.

The cake topper has the bride standing on a suitcase.

The cake topper has the bride standing on a suitcase. The groom is 6’4″ and the bride is wearing 6 inch heals. 

These are locally famous as the best of the best cakes. It totally made amends for what many considered a “food foul” served as part of the plated meal. Considering the extensive arrangements – one party foul is pretty good!

Of course there were some glitches – what wedding is without them?

All the men got ready together and expected to have only a short drive to the ceremony. They weren’t supposed to arrive early. But they were delayed  for fifteen minutes by a long funeral procession, so arrived late.

The official wedding documents were left at home so had to be retrieved, after the ceremony, for signatures. The flower girl had a meltdown halfway down the aisle and “mom” had to scurry along beside her, shaking flower petals and trying to stay out of the pictures. All fun stories to tell for decades.

The wedding of the year is done and the marriage of these newlyweds has now begun. My astrologer sister has assigned the “birth time” of their marriage to the moment of their first kiss as man and wife. She predicts a long life for this marriage with many fortunate aspects.

But we don’t need to look to the stars to see good fortune for the bride and groom, it also shines from their eyes.

MRS. Lyndsay - MR.Rory
And now they are a family! 12-1-12
They make a cute family, don't they?
They make a cute family, don’t they? Taken at their Engagement Party -January 8, 2012

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  1. It’s wonderful to see your family and to be celebrating such a great gift of adding a new member to it. The pictures are great and it sounds like everything went as planned. Congratulations to the bride and groom and to you and your husband for raising such an amazing daughter.


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