Make it a Festive Shift to 2013

Breaking the Gingerbread House
Breaking the Gingerbread House

2012 is winging down what feels like four or more months of concentrated family events and parties, in my life. It’s been wonderful and a great distraction from world news and events.

Those of us in Oregon have been fortunate to avoid the flu this holiday season. Our California visitors barely recovered in order to travel here, and one house in Ohio was under quarantine by the evening on Christmas Day. Those not suffering from intestinal complaints had gotten their flu shot. This meant the primary chef was off the hook from accusations of having poisoned the family.

I have mixed opinions regarding the annual flu shot and have never had one. I feel it is better to remain healthy enough to survive the flu, if I get it, than to inject a virus into my body. I’ve also noticed that flu symptoms are different every year yet, for some reason, the flu shot for the year seems to be the best prevention for that years’ flavor. How do they know it’s going to be an intestinal flu year instead of a bronchial flu year?

I will resist going off on a misinformed and viral tangent. This year has brought us enough tragedies and cliff hangers. We’ve also celebrated significant life events like a funeral, a wedding, new homes, and schools. This year has been an example of: Life is What Happens on the Journey Between Events.

Here’s a review some esoteric elements:

2012 = 5 that in numerology represents the energy of change, the earth, and an assertive and central force. It was also the Year of The Dragon, representative of the pioneering spirit while being unaware of what’s unfolding in the shadows.

2013 = 6 that in numerology represents the energy of love, diplomacy, and tolerance with convictions. It will soon be the Year of The Snake, representative of a self-reliant focus in business and pleasure,  and with the patience to bite with venomous efficiency if needed and at the right time.

I’ve marked my calendar with events and goals for the year ahead. Our festive year-end-new-year celebrations have the flavor of what we would choose to do any day of the year. So that’s my advice and wish for you –

May this new year Begin the Journey You Will Love to Live.

5 thoughts on “Make it a Festive Shift to 2013

  1. Great cyclical post. Very insightful perhaps. Hubz is a snake in Chinese chart.
    We’ve both recently endured the flu (sans shots)–and now the new year is upon us. So no more cliffhangers and much more tolerance. Anyway… to the journey ahead. Let’s get together soon!


  2. I hope my new year will be easier than the last few and filled with joy and peace. Right now, I think there is a leak under my house as latest water bill is $267 and a plumber will not be here until Monday. Hopefully it is not too serious or too expensive. What a way for the old year to go out.


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