History as it was made

South Pacific Movie ImageSouth Pacific was one of my choices of movies from the library this week. It is the remastered version of the 1958 movie and I grew up singing all the songs. All of them. I really hadn’t realized how well I knew all the words from the soundtrack until today. I didn’t know there was a remake of the movie in 2001. Now I want to see that one.

It’s fascinating to watch a movie made before I was born, representing a historical story of a time before my parents even met. Dad served in the South Pacific for the Navy during WWII. His stories were few and not washed with colors or romance. I’ve only unearthed some of his stories by going through memorabilia in the years since his death.

I do remember watching this movie – probably when it came to TV during my teen years – because I remembered a younger me being angry that Joe Cable died. I finally realized the theme of the movie dealt with prejudice taught. Having a romantic hero marry an island girl (and living happily ever after) would not have appealed to the audience of the time. A romance with a girl from Arkansas to an older Frenchman with native children was already radical and controversial. As I considered the story and themes as it was created then, with an awareness of how far we haven’t come, I realized the idiocies of prejudice from before my birth – still exist.

My sister and I have been affected this week by deaths that carry the flavor of the loss of mentors for us. My mentor is still alive but she lost the love of her life, in two weeks. Random doctor visit morphed into tests, emergency incidents, and then the sudden announcement of her husband’s death.

I could unravel all kinds of memories and reference a lot of interconnections in my life over the past ten years where Delle Jacobs played an important role in my personal and professional journey this past decade of my life. But I also feel grief at the loss of Jeff, the love of Delle’s life. Every time I met him I felt I was meeting a true gentleman. A good man.

I’m currently steeped in memories of the importance of those that left their mark on who I am today. But I have to promote once more one of my mentors and friends, Delle. She created the covers for her books and they are both gorgeous to look at, and a good read.

My sparse relationship with Delle has been huge with lessons and respect. Delle  is my example of being elegant and professional during those times when I may face bullies. Delle doesn’t have to argue about the future of ebooks now. Her achievements are awesome and I hope there are more. But that lesson of how to be elegant during those times when I need to speak with grace under the pressure of confrontation are the ones that matter the most at this stage of my journey.

So that’s my insight for this moment.

Being a pretty and cockeyed optimist was the objective of a woman before I was born.

Being elegant when it is necessary to be a scrappy bitch is more beneficial to me now.

That’s evolution, baby.

4 thoughts on “History as it was made

  1. I agree. Delle is the epitome of elegance and professionalism. What a great writer and cover art illustrator! And how sad that her beloved husband, Jeff passed. He was always kind and happy. They had a wonderful life together.


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