My Holiday Decor

The first holiday decoration that appears in my home after Halloween is the Lenox Cardinal Candle Lamp. It remains in the center of my dining room table until February.

The Cardinal Candle Lamp - to honor my mom

The Cardinal Candle Lamp – to honor my mom

Mom’s birthday was February 1st, 1928 and for most of my life her birthday celebrations extended for a week or so from the end of January to the beginning of February. Mom loved celebrating Ground Hog Day.

By Valentines Day we were fully into the new year and totally entrenched in the winter season so every holiday was a good thing to celebrate. We lived in the snow belt off the Great Lakes and our wind chill factors were in the double negatives while the snow plowed mound mountains were double digits of feet.  The weather was brutal enough that people died clearing snow and ice so they could get mail.

There are lots of brutal winter environments and they are endured because when spring and summer arrive, it’s awesome. That didn’t apply to my childhood in Cleveland, Ohio. The heat and humidity of summer sapped the energy and only a good thunderstorm helped. I also remember vibrant summer sunsets because of the atmospheric pollution. The rainbow of colors was from the light of a setting sun filtered through layers of airborne chemicals.

Sunsets from my childhood memories has never been duplicated in all my travels. I’ve always loved big rivers though the first river I loved was so toxic that when it caught fire it burned for three days.

But I always feel warm and fuzzy with my memories of childhood. I do love visiting my family in Ohio though I’ve been really glad to leave and return to my home. For 15 years is was in New Jersey. Now it’s in Oregon.

There were cardinals in Ohio.

But now it’s time to put the cardinal Lenox lamp away for this year.

Because this year, I signed a contract with a publisher.

Hot Damn, and Hallelujah! Happy Birthday, Mom. Your baby girl is going to be a published novelist.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

7 Responses to My Holiday Decor

  1. Jamie Brazil says:

    Your 2013 is off to great start! Glad to be taking the journey with you.


  2. Rosemarie Fairman says:

    We still have cardinals in Ohio, and the sunsets off Lake Erie are awesome to behold, even with the cleaner air. Crew teams now skim the Cuyahoga, and the water is monitored for safe swimming. There are many changes since the time Cleveland was the 5th largest city in the US and a major steel town.

    Oregon is beautiful, but I love my fireflies, cardinals and red-headed house finches. I love the crunch of the winter snow that has been gilded by the afternoon sun. Mom and Dad are no longer living in the little bungalow, but there is new life there, new energy. I continue to embrace the history, memories, and life that is here. No matter where I go, part of my heart will always be in Cleveland.


  3. I lived in Cleveland for several years in the 90s, and completely agree with your assessment! Also, congratulations on the novel!


  4. Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you, Terri!! 🙂


  5. Rose L. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! This means chocolate at Chrysalis.


  6. Trish says:

    Congratulations, Terri!!


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