Spring Blossoming

spring 2012 019
Apple Blossom
spring 2012 015
Oregon Grape flower. Produces tiny blue berries, not for humans.

Flowers, trees and bushes are in bloom around my yard, as are the weeds, and pollen in many colors coats everything. Gentle rains have washed the air clearer, though has made the pollen stick like glue, and I’m a bit more alert today. There are plenty in my family who suffer with allergies to trees, grass, and anything airborne and I’m thrilled not to be one who needs meds just to breathe or see, but I was affected with the drowsies, the drippies, and the pollen mouth.

I finally got a burst of energy this week and was able to catch up on all types of tasks, including email, bills, and most of my writer activities. But alas, the strong spring sunshine through the windows and skylights has revealed I am rather lax on my dusting. Fortunately, it is cloudy today so that task can wait.

Cathy Lamb presented a wonderful workshop last Saturday and I hope it’s a sign of great workshops all year as that’s my job as VP of Programs for the RCRW chapter.  I’m over halfway through Cathy’s latest novel, A Different Kind Of Normal” and anticipate it will get a 5 star review from me when I’m done. I was tempted by the title and I was sold with the first sentence, “My mother told me all about the witches in our family.” Hm, I’m wondering about this witch theme that is currently influencing my reading.

Aside from the pollen in my environment, and witches in my pleasure reading, I’ve also noticed a few business articles about “The P’s of Marketing” in the world of books. As I am one of the co-founders of Author Marketing 101, I have an opinion on which “P’s” are the primary ones for published authors to know – Push, Pull, POP, and Persona. Yet others espouse the P’s to know are Publicity, Promotion, Public Relations; or, Product, Platform, Profiles, and Price.

Both are due the first of August!
Both are due during the first week of August!

Now all these “P’s” could generate a lot of spit but I’m keeping a perspective on the process of publishing and book purchases because the primary “P” that brings me pleasure is: PREGNANT.

My daughter is expecting a girl for her first baby, my niece is having her second son. This is a special picture as my niece was in Portland for work, and is now back in San Diego, and won’t be traveling until after the baby is old enough to travel as well.

There is only one buried old photo of me and a sister when we were pregnant at the same stage, but we did not have the same glow as these young mothers as it was my third child and her fifth.

As spring blossoms, so does the next generation. There will be projects, and presentations, and parties in the months to come, but I’m wondering if there will also be more witches.

8 thoughts on “Spring Blossoming

  1. I also posted Spring photos on my blog! I am glad that the allergies do not bother me as it would inhibit my enjoyment. Wow! Two babies to look forward to rocking and lulling to sleep. What joy!


  2. Anonymous

    Love the ramblings about allergies and spring. This morning, in Cleveland, we are having “sugar-snow” as the winds began to pick up. The forsythia is not yet in bloom, and we are still sticks and promises of leaf. Promises of many things are budding this spring.
    It is wonderful to see the glow of the girls blooming into motherhood. Thank you for the memory of being pregnant together. I love the girls, but I will bury the memory of discomfort, again.


  3. patyjag

    Hang in there with the allergies. I don’t suffer but know a lot of people who do. I’ll be telling some people about your Promotion 101 today as I give a workshop on promotion. Congratulations on the upcoming new addition to the family.


  4. Yesterday someone asked me what the yellow flowers were on a shrub in my garden. I had no idea – but today I discover, from your blog, that they are Oregon Grape flowers – thank you! I’ll mention the ‘coincidence’ in a post next Tuesday. I just wish it felt a little more like Spring over here – damp and overcast yet again today.


  5. What is it with all the dust and pollen this month? More than usual? Oh well, a small price for the beauty that surrounds us. Look forward to seeing more pix of the beauty… and soon babies… that surrounds you, Terri!


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