Summer Weather

Yes, I know that’s a ridiculous title for a blog post on May 3rd – but that’s our forecast for Portland, Oregon this week. 80’s and sunny. Consider that we only saw weather like that in August the past two years…

I’m going kayaking this weekend!

There’s been lots of writing and writer business in my life but none is ready for prime time at the moment…

Lots of busy-ness too. One daughter had 3 wisdom teeth removed and I was her primary caretaker because I not only am an extreme optimist regarding surgical procedures, but I also don’t take videos to post on YouTube.

Ed is on You Tube though – as the test pilot for a newly built airplane. You can watch it here:

I’m going kayaking this weekend!

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to Summer Weather

  1. Trish says:

    Have fun kayaking!!


  2. Kurt says:

    Enjoy your paddling excursion! Remember sunscreen, a hat, a light jacket, snacks and bottled water! Take care! 🙂


  3. Kayaking. Now there’s something I’d never done before! Is it very difficult to learn?


  4. Rose says:

    Awesome to see the flight from the over-the-shoulder vantage point. The stenciled “experimental” and the note taped to the dashboard put a little thrill into watching; Ed is a steady pilot. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Strange you write that as the weather forecast for the UK today is that it will be as hot as the Mediterranean – but only for a couple of days. So a brief glimpse of summer.


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