Where did all these tasks come from?

MermaidI used to be the queen of multitasking and I was so good at it that in my 30’s I was both on-top-of having four girls in school and also a significant player in running a national company. This was only fifteen years ago so I often wonder, “What happened?”

I actually made a list this past Sunday, of significant events each year since 1996, that have transformed my daily routines. They are awesome life experiences for a writer, rich with research of every emotion from misery to euphoria.

A friend recently reminded me that the theme I chose for this blog is “Practical Spirituality in Life and Writing Story.” Well, this month there’s been little I’d call practical, and even less I’d consider spiritual. These past weeks have been as turbulent as the spring weather. Sunny and calm one day, wild and chill the next.

Don’t misunderstand, I’ve been having tons of fun and numerous occurrences had a magical flavor and many others are peppered with wild coincidences. But I’ve been an observer of Social Media for years and suddenly it exploded in my email accounts, I have four. I’m also a contributor to four (or more?) blogs, and scan/read about 50 or more every day.  How did this happen? (I know the answer – by my choices!)

According to a favorite astrologer this is a time of:

“Oxymoron and Paradox”


After all, the process of Growing in Consciousnes(literally by clearer perception of Unconscious factors) involves learning new ways to consider Material “Reality.”

I don’t recommend following the link and reading the post unless you want to slide into an alternate universe where every word has a new definition. Suffice to say, the image J. Buss included is the bunny trying to hide. From my diverse reading, my opinion is – we’re in a trifecta of energies relating to the 26,000 year cycle of the Milky Way traveling through a 30+ year cycle while crossing the galactic plane. But I’m willing to consider other opinions.

The mermaid is much more soothing image so every chance I get I dive deep into my favorite escape, the delightful frippery of Elizabeth Boyle’s Rakes & Ladies of London during the early 1800’s. She’s one of the few authors I never analyze. I enjoy the journey of the story. Trish J. MacGregor‘s metaphysical horror stories have the same affect on me and yet these two authors, and their stories and styles, are poles apart!

Here’s the practical reality of my life, I have a lousy bed. It’s 15 years old and if I sleep on it at night when I wake in the morning every joint from my neck to my ankles – hurts. I also hate shopping because it’s a task with too many options and no escape.  But I sleep really well on the couch in our living room, and when I wake I am happy to face the tasks of the day.

So what’s your practical reality? Do you have a comfy couch?

4 thoughts on “Where did all these tasks come from?

  1. I have a comfy bed- and thank you for the mention!
    This Pluto/Uranus square may be to blame, too, for all the frenetic activity and headlines lately. However, it’s a great aspect for coming up with edgy ideas!


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