Indiana Jones and his Raiders

File:Raiders.jpgI’m reading “The Hunger Games” because they will be an example for a workshop at a conference I’ll attend next weekend. They are not my type of story but are well written and compelling so it’s enjoyable homework.

I get a lot of encouragement to read Jane Austen and how important her stories and style are for my work, as a romance novelist. And I’m supposed to be enthralled with the old move, Casablanca, which I’ve never seen.

I’ve probably read a book from a shelf in every section in a bookstore, as my interests really are all over the map – literally – I love maps, the older the better. I really intended to read Jane Austen but I had two of  Elizabeth Boyle’s regency romances yet to read – and she’s just re-released her Brazen Series – her first books that were out of print! And, well, Ms. Boyle has read and loved Jane Austen so – close enough for me.

I’m under contract for two books that will be available this fall, and it’s really awesome to have shifted my dreams into a career. There’s a lot of little details to attend to – like getting a professional author photo instead of populating websites with random snapshots of me.

Oh, right. No official announcement yet… So here’s the scoop. On my birthday, on May 20th, I got to reveal the cover for my romance novel. The next day I had lunch with a book publicist – who recommended a publisher for our Author Marketing 101 workbook. The frenzy on this is because neither I or Morgan have worked on this for over a year as we’ve had more fun running our blog and doing workshops. But we were sort of tackled with great terms from a local small press publisher, and the opportunities are pretty awesome!

With all this amazing activity in my life, and the baby shower for grandchild #3 on Saturday, I just laughed and accepted the movie I randomly picked at the library. Harrison Ford and his alter ego as Indiana Jones keep popping up in my life and I don’t argue with it any more.

Four years ago I wrote about why I felt Mr. Ford was an interesting synchronicity in my life. It was a big deal to my daughters when their daddy returned from a business trip and shared that he’d chatted about airplanes with the “second sexiest old guy, next to George Clooney” in a hotel bar in the midwest. That’s a direct quote from our youngest daughter. I think Ed was in Minneapolis on that trip. Mr. Ford didn’t have the American currency in his pockets to pay for his drink, and they chatted about taildragger-endorsements at a tiny airport in NJ. (That’s airplane/pilot speak.)

The point is, I’m an “Indy girl” and George Lucas probably studied the movie “Casablanca” so that’s good enough for me for old movies.

I truly honor the generations past, and their stories. In many ways I am totally in awe of the realities my ancestors and parents faced. But I also know they did it for future generations, and I am one of those, as are my daughters and their children.

Our future will not be dystopian, in my opinion, and those are the stories that need to be written.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to Indiana Jones and his Raiders

  1. Rose L. says:



  2. Trish says:

    Ah, Indiana!
    Maybe our future WON’T be dystopian because of books like 1984, the hunger games, etc.


  3. Jamie Brazil says:

    I signed up for a PW session earlier this year, both editors had dystopian-fatigue. Interesting!


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