This is camping with adventures in the yard.

This is camping with adventures in the yard.

The whirlwind of activities these past two months ended with a multifamily camp-out.  Everyone has their preferred adventure toy and most of them include motors and equipment, and gas, and special vehicles for hauling. I’m amused that we have power crafts to play on the water, in the air, and through the dirt trails in the mountains.

Loading up the toys

Loading up the toys

I’ve tried all these toys but still prefer my human powered adventures with bicycles and kayaks, which means I am happy to remain behind in our nice camper if there is a child too young to join the excursion.

PH 7-13 085

But this year, our four-year-old grandson wasn’t happy to be left behind. He was only along for the ride during hauling and the unloading/loading part of the trip, with his grandpa, but still wore a helmet in and out of the truck. Once the rough riding activities were done,  everyone loved having a warm and clean lake to swim off all the dirt from their hair and faces.

Some had “first time” experiences, like setting up a tent, a first flight, a first ride on a dirt bike and a wave runner. I was thrilled one young man also wanted to add paddling a kayak to his list of “firsts” for the weekend.

This is the 8 month old "baby" left in my care. He was in a crate and eventually calmed enough so I went kayaking.

This is the 8 month old “baby” left in my care. He was in a crate and eventually calmed enough so I went kayaking.

There was a flavor of first for me with this weekend. It is the first time I have left our weekend place – to get back to work. And it’s exciting to have “work” with deadlines, and parameters, and meetings, and tasks. It helps that the work is exactly what I’ve dreamed of doing – and more.

Since my last post about the baby shower, I’ve been to Canon Beach for an amazing writer conference with Jessica Morrell, had my author photos taken (see one on my About Me page), and began designing my business cards.  I’ve gotten edits for my novel, and caught an Oops plot twist, and today have a review/proof from the publisher of our marketing book.

Also since my baby shower post, Ed almost lost his left pinkie finger in a farm equipment incident, fortunately it is still attached though a bit stiff yet. Two daughters got promotions, a niece is moving to Oregon, and I joined my first Pub Crawl. A Pub Crawl includes a couple friends picking a cool town (Oregon City) with a variety of pubs within walking distance and sampling their happy hour specials before walking to the next pub and specials.

There’s a lot of abundance energy in my life and it is stimulating and helps me clarify what truly matters to me. As my sister Rose stated regarding her 40th Anniversary celebration including a week in Paris – “I’m still processing…”

And while I process, it’s great to have work to do.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to Whirlwinds

  1. Rose L. says:

    I do not have any “toys” but appreciate the enjoyment they give so many. I am not into water sports as scared of water, do not like riding bikes of any kind, and will not go in any plane small than a 747.


  2. That all sounds energetic fun. And you could still ‘walk’ upright on a pub crawl – wow!


  3. Trish says:

    I love how you process!


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