Whispers from the Wild

Enter the world of The American Wildlife Foundation: A place where harsh realities are healed bu the magic of ordinary people.
Enter the world of The American Wildlife Foundation: A place where harsh realities are healed by the magic of ordinary people.

On our AM101 blog, we’ve often stated it takes 3 touches of interest before a sale, and I’ve often noticed, in my life, that when I get 3 nudges of coincidence it is time to pay attention!

I’ve met Jacqueline A. Carl a few times as she attends a woman’s writers group that I have been a member of since arriving in Oregon, but, as it’s not a social group, other than the writing piece being shared there’s little time for personal connection. I’ve been a sporadic attendee at these Wednesday afternoon meetings in recent years so have not been current on everyone’s projects.

A few weeks ago, Jackie had her book to buy and I bought a copy. But I didn’t start reading it – yet. We had chatted about marketing as she follows our AM101 blog. That point alone made me set her book in a different spot than on top of my to-be-read pile.

I’ve been reading novels to review and that’s when the 2nd nudge happened. I got an email from Oregon Women’s Report requesting my interest in brainstorming a new format – maybe with a book review flavor. In my reply I mentioned Whispers from the Wild  and its focus on stories from the American Wildlife Foundation in Molalla, Oregon. They were interested in learning about this book and wildlife center.

Today, Jackie and I chatted about writing stuff in those few minutes before the critiquing session, and I told her about this recent exchange. She was thrilled and yet I didn’t feel it was much as I hadn’t read the book, or looked over her website to offer any marketing pointers. We didn’t have another chance to chat again but I felt this was a 3rd nudge to Pay Attention.

So I started reading the book. Oh. Wow. I’m only on page 83, but have completed the first section of stories. There are 8 sections, and I know I will devour and endorse them all.

Written in a narrative style, these stories are engaging and I’m totally enthralled with all the characters presented, including Cyrano, the imprinted turkey vulture who is a personality!  Often gritty, and occasionally rancid, few of these vignettes will win literary awards but that’s not why they were written, or what compels me to read them.

Yeah, I’m busy with two books being released from two different publishers in the next two months. I’ve got a new granddaughter, and two week long vacations on my calendar before those books are published. I’m also weeding through an overload of email regarding by-laws and more for national and regional organizations because I’m on the board of directors….

But now I know why I’ve been nudged to Pay Attention. This is a book that represents the power of potential with a digital publishing format. It’s a story that needs to be told. Now, sales of this book will fund a valiant connection with different species on this planet. We can now buy and read a book that’s a win for the reader, and a win for the animals, and there’s few politics (though there is hierarchy and ego!) in the mix. When we reconnect with the laws of the wild, we become better humans.

So go buy it, read it, and know I will endorse it because I appreciate the Whispers from the Wild and they have never steered me wrong, even though it takes 3 touches for me to pay attention.

2 thoughts on “Whispers from the Wild

  1. I am glad you like her book. I admire all the writers in the group and how hard you all work on your creativity. I have great respect for the commitment you all have made!


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