Launching a New Normal

My novel is now available in digital format. In this new world of publishing books, this stage is considered a “Soft Release” for quick promotion links through online reader/writer/reviewer networks. It’s a quiet version of what used to be called a “Book Launch.”

I’ve heard from friends and family who jumped onto Amazon and bought it, read it, and their comments have tickled my soul!  “A fun and fabulous read!”  “I’m ready for Book Two anytime, Mom.”  “You’re a better astrologer than you give yourself credit for…”  “I wasn’t expecting this depth of characterization, or story. Good Job.” I LOVE THIS, and look forward to writing that next novel…

Celebrating the book proof
The first time we both held the PROOF!

During these same weeks, there’s been a flurry of activity regarding the release of the AM101 Guide and Journal I coauthored with C. Morgan Kennedy. This book will be released in all types of formats, print and digital, in two weeks. This book will be “Launched” as we have four scheduled presentations and book signing events in the next few months.

I can’t quite describe what it feels like to hold an actual book, with your name on the cover, in your hand. But it is AWESOME!

We expected our PROOF copy to arrive while I was in Cleveland so it was sent to Morgan’s address. Except – there was a whirlwind of minor corrections for this book, and my novel, while I was out-of-town. So I had a dual taste of deadline frenzy, and for this book, a final delivery mix up. There’s always a bigger story behind the book. Authors share these with their secret handshakes, in the dark, behind bookshelves.

It’s not surprising that my first week as a published author included some last minute panics, a doctor visit, and antibiotics. My new normal includes baby sitting my newest granddaughter three days a week. She’s soft and not easy to release.  And it’s a great way for me to stay grounded. 😀

Now – I know some will ask, which fulfills me more, the grandchildren or the book deals. The answer is simple, it’s not a choice of either-or, they are both significant parts of my life… and I’ve never been normal.

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