My Writer Life

KG 2 months 010
Tummy Time

Over on our marketing site, Morgan and I advise authors not to write about “A Writer’s Life” stuff because it’s really not interesting to others.

But I’m excited about the new-selling-author part of my writer lifestyle – especially as it works well with grammy/nanny time.

KG 2 months 020
Her shirt says, “All I need is Grandma”

I adore the newborn to toddler stage. I’ve also spent years hearing about the writer life from multi-published authors so I know it’s good that my writer life will include three days a week of baby time, at least for the next year or two.

I’m not an obsessive baby person but I am for MY babies. I know those cuddles and coos are a really short term opportunity.

My first baby interaction was totally influenced by a grandparent perspective.  I was fifteen when my nieces and nephews arrived in my teenage home. By the time my eldest daughter arrived, there were ten grandchildren in my parents lifestyle. My years as a mommy did not include padded, reclining, highchairs with seat belts and shoulder harnesses. My mommy days were also not divided with work hours or online college courses, as are in my daughter’s schedule.

KG 2 months 002

My baby time is a wonderful reprieve from my writer life. It gets me out of the house and unplugged from electronics. Unlike a parent, when it is baby time for me, interruptions are not allowed.

I expect, once I settle into more of a routine now all this NEW stuff has entered my life, I will also develop a new novel writing schedule. Regardless of the success of our marketing workbook, it’s the soup-or-salad part of my writer life. Stories, novels, reading and writing them, that is my main meal, and babies are the dessert.

I love desserts! And, Kaedence is going to have a newborn cousin in the spring. Grammy/nanny time will get even more interesting then. But don’t expect babies to show up in my stories any time soon. I write romance and every parent knows that babies can dilute romance, even in fiction.

4 thoughts on “My Writer Life

  1. Yea, my nieces with new babies say that they have no romance in their lives right now. One excuse is that by the time the kids are in bed, they are too exhausted. I am sure they will eventually work it out to find the special moments.


  2. Enjoy! When my three year old grandson stays what fun we have! Putting our imaginary fires, building with Lego, hide and seek (though he cheats!) and just seeing the world through his eyes. And now his 8 month old sister is crawling so the future looks bright – and exhausting.


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