Eclipse in Scorpio

There’s a serious New Moon eclipse today – on 11/3/2013. It’s being described as dark, a hinge, trans-formative, and revolutionary. It is initiating the phoenix reforming in the ashes and getting ready to take flight. This energy has a broad emotional influence, from a couple months prior and for six months after. So that’s the good news, we’re already in the Saturn in Scorpio dramas since August and will be through May of 2014.

The Oxford Astrologer has posted November forecasts if you want to check out the mundane influences for your sun sign.  Remember that this is an interpretation regarding the current planetary placement for every person, of every age, born when the sun was activating that section of the zodiac.

The time frame of this eclipse of Sun-Moon-Mercury-Saturn energy is comparable to making wine. We’ve grown, trimmed, harvested grapes and stomped them. Now we’re into the processing and bottling stages. Then – for a good wine – it needs to be left on the shelf for a few years.

Taking the same analogy forward, the right grapes, ingredients and cork – combined with the environment of the wine cellar in the years ahead – make the difference between a wine that delights all the senses or one that’s rancid.

When stellar energy is involved, it doesn’t matter if you understand the common interpretations or not. The entire globe is vibrating to the same magnetic and gravitational energy of this musical dance in the stars. Go with the flow but also consider the strong ending/drama message which brings forth NEW. Scroll down my posts here for the past few months and you’ll see all the NEW and ending stuff in my life.

Planet Earth has also been feeling the electromagnetic energy of solar flares. I like this interpretation from Dana Mrkich on her spiritlibrary blog post:

Solar Flares: Shaking Us Awake “For some, long given up on dreams may be returning, only this time with new beliefs that ‘yes it can happen!

All our communication grids are “protected” from solar radiations so adding flares to this eclipse cycle is another way to look at our electronic and web based, cloud, lifestyle. Many have noticed a bunch of upgrades to Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, the US healthcare system, and so many more. Few are happy with the changes.  😀

My best advice is to choose what you want to bring to an end, to make way for the new. Granted, there could be some surprise endings and sudden changes beyond your control but your reaction is entirely within your control.

The Taurus forecast for this month includes the ending of a primary relationship/partnership. That doesn’t mean a divorce but a major shift to that union. One example is my partnership with Morgan is transforming now that we have published our little book. Another example is writing novels has now shifted from my hobby-leisure activity to my career as an author.

For a long term example, since Saturn aspects take a long time, writing my stories has become a priority in my life during the past eleven years. My first manuscript went into the mail two weeks before Ed’s car accident on 9/24/2002. I knew nothing of the book business, or how to write a novel. Life experiences have enhanced my learning curve as a writer.

I had two books released this September and then our daughter was in a car accident on 9/19/2013 (at 7:55 am). They were very similar, both hit from behind with no warning, or fault.  Fortunately hers was one-third the impact. Her car was repairable, and she’s getting daily professional attention with favorable expectations.

The point to remember when considering forecasts and tragedies, or even fate and karma, is best summed up in a quote from one of my favorite movies, P.S. I Love You:

“This is my one and only life, and it is a great and terrible and short and endless thing, and none of us get out of it alive.”

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to Eclipse in Scorpio

  1. So in order to make room for the new, we have to get rid of the old, right? Sure makes a lot of sense to me! As always, Terri, what a thought-provoking post.


  2. Jamie Brazil says:

    Melia, are you still sorting out your closet? 🙂
    Terri, you mentioned this last night, and as I watched the news tonight I couldn’t help but recall your words when I saw the image of a fireball rolling down power lines in Wisconsin — the fireball went on for miles. Strange times!


  3. Trish says:

    What is interesting about this eclipse is where it’s visible. Look to where it’s visible for trouble of a scorpionic nature over the next 6 months. In a personal level, its conjunction with Saturn suggests greater structures in some area of our lives, deeper commitment. Interesting post!


  4. Barb says:

    Makes me want to run outside and look


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