A review to note

PNBA2013 cropped shot of room

This is only a corner of the convention room

Here’s a cross-over event from what I post on the Author Marketing 101 site, and this one. It was a super huge deal to attend and be “featured authors” by our publisher at a bookseller trade show. Morgan and I both get what a big deal this was, as authors. But it was also an industry trade show and unless you’ve done them it’s hard to explain the plethora of energies, agendas, and more, that takes place when hundreds of people are congregated within a hotel for days.

The world of books and stories is being transformed on a greater scale today than it was when punctuation was invented, or in the 1400’s when the Gutenberg created the Printing Press. This means there is a whole lot of drama regarding “this is the way it’s been done” passion in conflict with “this is the way it could be now” innovators. The word “Amazon” can refer to a jungle, mythical warriors, or now – the destruction of literature. Take your pick.

During this turbulent weekend full of wonderful moments last month, I was outside the hotel to enjoy the sunshine. This created a chance meeting with Jamie Brazil, which was cool. But more was happening and we paused to listen and watch.

A bookseller was chatting with a woman about reading on her kindle, but there was something not right about it that I noticed. Then the bookseller went back into the hotel and I had to ask the woman what that was about… and she told us how she’d been caught reading on her Kindle and was attacked for doing so – by a bookseller!

Jamie and I listened to her story, applauded her for reading books on whatever format she chose, and gave her our business cards with our appreciation that she loves to read and does so…

Then Jamie and I continued with our conversation and were interrupted when this woman called out – “I just bought your book!” And today, one month later, I saw this review…

4.0 out of 5 stars Thank You Ms.Patrick November 4, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I met this author briefly at a bookshow and got a bit razzed for daring to have my kindle with me so outtta spite I purchased this book. But after speakin with the author and lookin up her book it looked like something I would enjoy. And enjoy it I did…
I fell for the characters and the plot
Thank You, ‘Chelle Miller.
While her grammar and punctuation makes it seem like I was the one who razzed her for reading on her kindle, I am totally thrilled. I remember the event and even if she bought and read my book out of spite because someone else was a jerk, she enjoyed my story.
That’s why I wrote it.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to A review to note

  1. Jamie Brazil says:

    I can understand both views. Independent booksellers feel like they’re having their world ripped away by the undercutting giant, and readers just want to read… whatever way they can. This puts authors awkwardly in the middle. I hope there is a way for all to move forward successfully.


  2. I much prefer to read the old fashioned way with a book I can get my hands around. But times change. I guess small booksellers have to adapt somehow – just as many other ‘industries’ have had to do,


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