The Frenzy begins to Calm

Jans- AM101 11-13

Yes, there was wine and chocolate at this book signing event!

The final big event in my shift from unknown writer to published author was the Kobo workshop and author event at Jan’s Paperbacks.

I have one more writer-life-book-business article to write, that is due next week, then I’ll have crossed off all of my author career to-do tasks until 2014. Now I can share some really cool stuff I’ve learned about in recent months…

Paint Night with Megan MacGregor! How fun, gather at a local bar for wine and learn to paint a picture. I also love the story of how she was trying to get a different job and this opportunity appeared instead! Check out more of Megan’s dolphin art – HERE.

Some of my writer friends have teamed up to have fun blogging together. Their posts have themes, topics, and next month they are building on each other’s short stories…  See Jane Publish could be a new model for using social media in a creative and cooperative way. For someone who reads as many blogs as I do, this is highly refreshing!

I think, the astrology blogs I follow are indicating that the super wild and woggy stellar waves of energy we’ve been under, for more than a year, are starting to lessen. We’ve shifted from an overload of holy-moly trines and grands – to sextiles and yods… This means we’re moving past the “being reprogrammed and rebooted at a cellular level” aspects and into the “adjust and balance in a new awareness” stage.  If you want to reassess how to do that, Polly Campbell has a few posts on her Imperfect Spirituality blog.

Caroline Miller’s blog must have come to my attention at some point because she’s in my reader feed and I do enjoy her posts.  I’m rather sedate, yet savvy, in the social media landscape. I’m really more of an observer than a participant, at least for now. All the upgrades and gadgets this year has been annoying. That’s why I like Ms. Miller’s Write Away Blog as the topics are intriguing and the presentation is good.

Another cool thing that happened, in this recent month of frenzy, was reconnecting with Jennie Shortridge. We met briefly at a conference three years ago, and now met briefly again. Jennie is a primary force behind the Seattle 7 Writers, and they also play musical instruments. Chance meetings and reconnecting is always something I like. These are opportunities for me to pay attention to the calm, instead of the frenzy.

And we have new appliances in our home. The frenzy of helping three daughters buy and create their new homes these past three years means – Ed’s totally savvy about appliances. So when the washer repairman stated the cost to repair our 16-yr-old washer was comparable to buying new… Yes, my washer, dryer, refrigerator, and stove, are all new as of yesterday and they are quiet and shiny.  And suddenly everything around these shiny new appliances look shabby and old. Hmmm….

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to The Frenzy begins to Calm

  1. Congratulations on your book launch Terri. And thank you for your ping for my blog “Write Away” http://booksbycarolinemiller. I write M-F on the writer’s life as she looks at the world. Will be checking in here to see how your world is going. Thanks for checking into mine.


    • Hey Caroline, You post some interesting stuff and are an example of a well-done author marketing presence. When a reader discovers you, they will be pleased.

      I also remember reading on your blog about a “professional in new media” advocating for blogs but admitting to not reading them. I wanted to smack her for missing the point of what she wants to teach.


  2. Rose L. says:

    Everything around those new appliances looks shabby and old, hmmm…oh oh! I bet this means remodeling, painting, changing things…your husband has started something!


  3. Trish says:

    Thank you for mentioning Megan’s art. You’re stellar, Terri.


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