Mermaids Around Me

Handmade 2013 – Cynthia Burke – The Copper Tail Whale

There’s references to mermaids in my novel, and the aquarium described represents one I had for years in my living room. I’m also an avid kayak-er and have often been called “a fish” when near bodies of water.

Pittock Mansion Tree Ornament 2013
Oregon Authors Tree

I really hadn’t planned for the mermaid motif to represent this book, but that’s what’s happening.  

Morgan saw the mermaid on Etsy and contacted the artist for “a tree ornament” one that could be holding my novel from the back of my business card. Ms. Burke also painted “Checkmate First Mate” below the scales on the tail.

This mermaid holding the cover of My Tale is now hanging on the tree in the Books Room at Pittock Mansion. 

Jessie Smith was the driving force behind the decorations in this room and many of my author friends are represented in ornaments on the tree and in all the book displays around the room. Lots of pictures were posted on FaceBook today but I hope to take my own pictures really soon.

Later, as I was scanning my news feeds, I noticed a “Wired” article titled “Professional Mermaids Are Lost Treasure of Florida Park.” Wow. Fun! I followed the link to the artist Annie Collinge and 25 pictures of this mermaid park.

mermaid 007I also have mermaid earrings and that costume I made to wear at a conference in October of 2011.

I’ve really been over-tired lately because while I love grammy-nanny time it is comparable to hours of yoga and aerobics at the same time. (I’m feeling muscles and joints I had forgotten I had.) All the book events also wore me out as I’m more of an introvert and need quiet time to recharge. So I haven’t done any promotions for this novel yet, and planned to wait until next year when it’s not exclusively in the Amazon Select program.

But today, seeing all these mermaids, I realized this story is promoting itself. And that’s great! Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Mermaids Around Me

  1. Mermaids Around Me – I can think of worse things!

    Living in Cornwall, as I do, there has to be a story about them. In the Cornish village of Zennor a mermaid used to listen to the singing of a chorister, Matthew Trewhella. The two fell in love, and Matthew went with the mermaid to her home at Pendour Cove. On summer nights, the lovers can still be heard singing together. In the local church there is a chair decorated with a mermaid carving, it’s said to be six hundred years old.


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