Shorter Stories

File:Sleepless in seattle.jpgHere’s a fun coincidence: With the closing of the local Blockbuster Video Store I decided to start building a DVD library of my favorite Chick Flicks and “Sleepless in Seattle” is one of the primary classics I realized I’d only seen once yet it’s referred to so often. So I bought it and watched it twice, and a few days later I was at an author event at Powells Books, because Kristina McMorris is a friends of mine, and I met Sarah Jio. Her novel Morning Glory was inspired by the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” and years ago I spent a lot of time wandering around the floating homes on Lake Union.

Morning GloryI found this a highly enjoyable novel though I avoid 1st person women’s fiction because I find it more limited than intimate. But the point it amplified for me is that as an author I am no longer a “qualified reviewer” of romance or women’s fiction novels. But the beauty of my blog is that I can say whatever I feel needs to be said according to what I am living in the moment.

I’m not sure what type of practical spirituality in life and writing story that I’ll present on this blog in 2014 but for now I’m enjoying the holidays, and my new grammy-nanny Job! And that brings me to my new interest in short stories…

The Words Market by Jessica Glenn – this is a fascinating though eerie and highly creative story that I may read a dozen times and never really get the author’s whole intent. Hence the fascination. I feel the same way about poetry, it’s this elusive and artistic presentation that will forever challenge me. I love challenges…

Cynders and Ashes by Elizabeth Boyle – Tons of fun for me. She is just my fave must read.

All I want for Christmas is a Soul Mate  is a collection of short stories my fellow SMP authors.

The Girl Most Likely To… is shorts written by friends in my RWA writer chapter.

Sweetwater Springs Christmas: A Montana Sky Short Story Anthology is a collection of historical western short stories that I heard about because of my friend Paty Jager.

It’s a big deal for me, after decades of devotion to the delight and business of romance novels, which are riddled with coincidence magic, to be a marginal authority as an author. It’s super fun and it’s really two rights making a wrong. Now that I actually feel qualified to present my opinion on a story as having merit, my new status as a novelist means I have a “questionable” bias.

These are interesting times.

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