Indulgence is good

xmas 2013 027

Personally crafted for me by Gina Fluharty

I attended a holiday party three weeks ago where many of the pot luck specialties were labeled with ingredients so any with dietary issues would know what to sample, and what to avoid. Many items were from specialty stores, like Trader Joe’s.  That’s when I stated one of my new year resolutions is to frequent Trader Joe’s more often. This began a lively discussion that resolving to indulge in enjoyable activities had a better chance of enduring than the resolutions with intent to fix or change something.

If I want to initiate new life routines or behavior modifications, I do it around the spring equinox. New and waxing moons are also good for starting any project and there is a new moon on 1-1-2014, so that’s good energy for any resolution this year.

I resolve to indulge in enjoyable and beneficial activities with the intent to be happy. It makes me happy to be healthy, active, and engaged in love stories, and snuggling babies. I also love learning, research, writing, and a bunch of creative and nerdy pursuits that are not interesting or important to others. I intend to indulge in good for me foods and routines that will benefit my spirit, my work, and my relationships.  

I’ve been indulging in romance movies from recent decades. These movies include references to characters and stories that birthed the glamour of Tinseltown. The most important effect, in these movies, was that first glace at the “Meet Cute” moment. That was the First Plot Point. It was when two characters took a moment to See The Other Person. It’s when the story begins…

I know this recent indulgence is a worthy use of my time and energy because my friend Gina has gifted me with this delightfully decorated movie reel now hanging in my kitchen. It also includes clips for holding pictures and mementos as it will never be wound with film again.

Ed gifted me with a portable DVD player so I can watch my movies anywhere, study the music and scenery, repeat scenes, scribble notes… activities I never thought to do because I wrote books… And movies and books are very different in the presentation of the story… I have learned the story really is the primary point… The presentation is the variable…

I recently realized the value of the cookies I do so well but only bake once a year. They are a labor of love endeavor as there is a lot of labor to blend classic ingredients of butter, sugar, flour, eggs, walnuts and jam… And this year I filled them with the home-grown and home-made plum jam friends had gifted to me… They were awesome!

I have not frequented my local Trader Joe’s because the closest one is over 15 miles from where I live, but now there is one only a mile away when I’m at my grammy-nanny job. So while I didn’t realize it at the time when I stated my new year resolution was to visit this specialty grocer more often, it’s already doable and easy. Those are the best resolutions to make.

Pay attention to the surprise, the fun intent. It could be just around the corner. It could be the best cookie you’ve ever created. It could be the classic movie you love.

Indulge in joy.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to Indulgence is good

  1. I love the idea of purposefully finding more joy, Terri. Great post!


  2. Rose L. says:

    I hope to find more joy in the new year, try to eat better and do things that make me happy. I hope to be able to take a few small trips–Seattle, Capilano suspension bridge & park, Olympic National Park and the animal park at the coast.


  3. Ah yes, ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’.

    A Happy New Year to you, may it be the best ever.


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