As 2013 Began

In 2008, I made a five year plan based on my wildest dreams and wackiest fantasies for my achievements as a romance novelist. This was a one page workshop exercise according to what success meant – then.  I have it here, somewhere. I posted in my office in 2012 because the 2013 was bold and the list of “accomplishments” I’d chosen meant less to me then when I drafted them. This means it was a great workshop because it revealed how our priorities can change substantially in five years.

The words “should” and “ought” (are dangerous words according to Caroline Miller) and were not part of my childhood. Having them stated to me in recent years has given me pause. Instead of being told what I “should” do, I remember being instructed that “it would be nice if I did …” and instead of being told that I “ought” to, the words used were –  “it would be appreciated if I did.” I usually did what I should, and ought, because the way it was presented to me meant that it was my choice and there was a benefit to someone, maybe even me.  Plus, I was a child and valued my elders and mentors. (And yes, I’m still wrapping my psyche around now being a mentor – and elder!)

Now, it is 2014 and I am considering (and dithering over) a five year business and lifestyle plan. It’s great that I can review this blog and what I felt was worth writing about for a public forum, during this time last year.

Jan 3, 2013 – my friends new year resolutions.

Jan 9, 2013 – attending an author event where the number 29 kept recurring in relation to our marriages.

Jan 12, 2013 – seeing the first installment of The Hobbit with my sister.

Jan 17, 2013 – attending my first Trailblazer game and comparing how reading romance novels is like being a sport fan.

South Pacific and CMFM cover On Jan 21, 2013 – I was appalled at the message behind the movie South Pacific – but reviewing that post with the cover of my romance novel in the sidebar is a very surreal experience.

Then on Jan 29, 2013 – it was Viva Las Vegas, Baby! 

On the 30th – it was The Dam and Route 66.

The publishing contract for Checkmate First Mate was dated Feb. 1, 2013.

Now you can understand a little better why I felt the best advice for 2014 was Judy’s “This Time Next Year.”

6 thoughts on “As 2013 Began

  1. My dad never said “you ought to…” but instead would say “You WILL do…” and it was usually followed by “whatever I tell you to do without question or hesitation.” He was tough!


  2. I’d never thought about using my blog as a review of whree I was and where I am. Of course, I’d have to make a current post to be “Am.”
    But, it’s a great idea. Good luck with your resolutions.


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